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About Us

As an athlete from my own practice I was disappointed with the advice available online about many topics – from nutrition to supplements and overall health.

The more I became a part of my beloved Fitness industry, the more it disgusted me and my once great love, turned out to be a dishonest marketing tool that burst the pockets of some shareholders and investors – but certainly didn’t help me and all those people.

With increasing influence and knowledge, the decision was clear one day …

I have to clean up the industry from the inside out and give people what they really deserve and why they originally started.

That’s why I founded this blog – to enable all the athletes to take a completely new approach to nutritional supplements.

Because what the world really doesn’t need anymore is another company with cheap products created by people who have never seen the gym from the inside and have no serious interest in this sport, away from enriching their wallets.

This blog is for me, and for you!