William Spear Appearing on Marlene & Friends

William Spear Appearing on Marlene & Friends

William Spear Appearing on Marlene & Friends

William Spear Appearing on Marlene & Friends

This interview with my friend and colleague William Spear is inspiring, heart warming and soulful.  We can learn much from this incredible human who says of his work with ‘End-Of-Life Care’ workshops that he runs for hospice workers: “that he knows of know better way to develop ones self than to learn to be present at the end of  life”.

William has taught the natural principles of Macrobiotics to empower thousands of his clients and students globally to make wise choices that result in living a life they want rather than one that just “happens.”

Macrobiotics is a way of life in which we see that everything in nature is connected; through its practice, we are free to make choices that determine our personal growth, improve our health and mental clarity and nurture our spirit.

William is the founder of and has combined his life’s work into four segments that are the ‘bones’ of  his foundation. As a long time teacher of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Yoga it was a joy to me to have had the opportunity to be in one of Williams sessions and experience first hand his deep individual insight into energy and its manifestation.  Please visit his website and learn more about these four segments of innovate education for the health and well-being of all.


8I would also encourage you to read Williams best selling book if you haven’t already discovered this gem – Feng Shui Made Easy which is the ultimate Western authority on this ancient Chinese practice. He has taken feng shui beyond the narrow confines of China to look at the importance of this art/science/philosophy in a broad international context, and has achieved more than a historical or culturally biased view of feng shui to make it something modern and vital that affects our lives today.” Full details on

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  1. Marlene, did it again superb interview, what a great guy
    giving people another way of life changing their eating and thinking pattern’s what you did for me, absolutely smashing work, it can only get better xxx

    • Thanks Robert, delighted to hear you enjoyed the wonderful William Spear’s interview. Thanks for being a superstar macrobob. You’re the best. Marlene x

  2. Lovely article Marlene,
    I was so pleased to read it as I studied Intuitive Feng Shui under William Spear from 1995 to 2000 and received distinction in his course. I was one of the global students out of 40 who had the opportunity to study under this master.
    I am where I am because of him.

    All the best

    • Wonderful to hear Aroon and superb to hear that Bill was your teacher, one of my many gifted friends, including you. Love Marlene x

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