Verne Varona Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Verne Varona Appearing on Marlene & Friends


Verne Varona

My friend and colleague Verne Varona has become known as one of the most captivating and dynamic health educators in the country. For forty years, his lectures, workshops and media appearances have motivated thousands of people to take better and more conscious care of their health.

Verne is a renowned keynote speaker throughout the US, Canada and Europe with a captivating style that uses humour, insight and practical science to improve and enrich the lives of many. He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and nutrition at the East West Foundation of Boston, Massachusetts (1970-1974). It’s over a decade since we were last together and I look forward to teaching with Verne hopefully sometime in the near future.  He always has so many exciting projects on the go (which he talks about in our interview) and is a mover and shaker in many aspects of life.

Verne is a frequent guest on a variety of media platforms where his research expertise and entertaining teaching style make him a welcome and often repeat visitor. For five years, he was the nutritional consultant and co- founder of a popular Los Angeles medical group with a clientele that featured well-known entertainment and sports professionals.

With his physician associate, Verne co-created, The ODDS Programme (Off Dangerous Drugs Safely); a dietary programme designed to reverse pharmaceutical drug dependency such as hypertension, diabetes and over-the-counter drug dependency with dietary and lifestyle guidelines that are featured in his published books.

Verne’s first book, Nature’s Cancer-Fighting Foods is currently in a sixteenth printing.  Verne’s second book, Macrobiotics for Dummies is part of the internationally popular Dummies series and is a comprehensive work embracing a flexible, multi-cultural health perspective on body, mind and spirit.

Verne is a native New Yorker living in Manhattan and currently working on several multi-media projects. He is available for comprehensive and personalized counseling via Skype.  You can connect with Verne via his website

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