Vegan Workshops with Bill Tara & Marlene Watson-Tara

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Bill Tara & Marlene Watson-Tara


Vegan Workshops with Bill Tara & Marlene Watson-Tara

There has been an increase in interest from people who are contacting me to enquire about adopting a vegan lifestyle for themselves and their families.  This request most parents are telling me is coming from their children.

Bill and I will be teaching a weekend workshop in Glasgow 16th & 17th May and look forward to meeting many of you.

Creating Healthy Habits with Authors & International Teachers Bill Tara & Marlene Watson-Tara is a fun and informative workshop.  Switching from an animal based to a plant based diet is easy when you know how to make delicious food and understand how to eat in a balanced way that creates good health.

Bill and Marlene share over 75 years of experience in Macrobiotic and Natural Health care between them. They will show you simple and practical ways to promote optimal health in your daily life. 

That starts with how you chose to eat, live and look at the bigger picture of understanding and feeling the connection of all beings.


  • Cook Delicious and Healthy Food
  • Discover Principles of Healthy Eating
  • Learn 10 Healthy Habits that can improve your health immediately
  • Have an Opportunity to Book a Health Consultation with either Bill or Marlene

             (Health consultations should be booked in advance)

Email me to reserve your place. Book before 19th April and you will receive a free copy of my ‘Macrobiotics for all Seasons’ recipe book with over 200 recipes and five educational chapters.

In good health


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  1. Hi
    I missed your May workshop. Just discovered you on YouTube. So good to see your from Scotland as so many enthusiasts/experts are from other side of the world.
    Want to dip my toe into macrobiotics. I have had a typical Scoyttish diet, 8 stone over weight diabetic and want to reverse it, Iv tried most diets latterly Palio fasting you name it but have become very interested in raw vegan but it is such a huge transition from where I am now.
    Do you have any forthcoming training coming up ?


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