Vegan Almond or Pecan Nuggets

Vegan Almond or Pecan Nuggets

Almond Pecan Nuggets

Almond Pecan Nuggets

These delicious vegan almond or pecan nuggets are so moreish you will simply love them.  Add some grated lemon or orange zest for a different flavour, or change the vanilla extract to peppermint or orange.  Experiment and have fun when creating your own unique taste.

Naturally sweetened desserts are the way to enjoy something wonderful from the ‘sweet tooth fairy’ Me!

Having something naturally sweetened is part of a healthy balanced diet.  Sweet is the taste that naturally relaxes us but it does make a difference what type of sweetener you are using.  These nuggets are so easy to make and store well in the refrigerator for weeks on end.

4 cups almonds or pecans, pulverized (using food processer)

½ cup Clearspring rice syrup

½ cup Clearspring barley malt

1 tsp. vanilla extract

Desiccated coconut

Place pulverized nuts in a large mixing bowl. Add rice syrup and barley malt with vanilla. Mix the wet ingredients into the bowl until the nuts and syrups are evenly distributed and are sticking together.

Place some water in a bowl and moisten hands with water to keep the mixture from sticking. Pinch off a piece of mixture and shape into small balls.  Roll in the desiccated coconut. Keep chilled. Delicious!!

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