Scottish Food & Drinks Festival

Scottish Food & Drinks Festival

gorillaI was delighted to be invited by the director of the Scottish Food & Drinks Festival to teach and do cooking demos at this two day event  now in it’s 10th year. It’s so exciting to see a ‘shift’ towards a whole food plant based diet in many countries and the numbers continue to swell. To tackle the limitations of convention, stimulate debate and speed up the search for the truth is becoming mainstream.

I will of course, be in amongst the haggis competition, the cheese, meat and dairy but it’s a step forward for me to promote a vegan, wholefoods plant based diet and a great opportunity to showcase Macrobiotics to the 25,000 people who attend this event yearly.  You are all invited to this free event on 5th & 6th September where I will be sharing information on how to live a long healthy life by eating a whole food plant based diet.

Many of you will have seen on the news the cows being walked through supermarkets around the country as farmers remove their milk from the shelves. The Vegan Society calls on the EFRA Committee to put farmers’ long-term livelihoods first, by funding moves toward economically, environmentally and ethically sustainable plant-based agriculture. EFRA’s current proposals merely attempt to delay the inevitable, with unsustainable proposals such as EU intervention on prices and modified labelling. More and more people are moving away from drinking cow’s milk hence the reason for falling prices.

Quick cook Grains and Pulses Burger_

Governments must fund farmers to move toward economically, environmentally and ethically sustainable plant-based agriculture.

Dairy farming causes great suffering to calves and cows. Cows are required to produce an unnatural and very high volume of milk and they struggle to maintain their metabolism and health under such stress. Lameness and udder infections are common among dairy cows as a result of the unnaturally high milk yields demanded of them.  A cow should only naturally produce enough milk to feed her own calf until it is weaned: “Many people do not understand that dairy milk is only suitable for calves. Calves are taken away from their mothers at birth and this causes both calves and cows great emotional distress.”

The male calves are destined for a short life as they cannot become milk machines in their turn. Humans are the only animals that feed milk to themselves and other animals after weaning. It is time we welcomed the consumption of plant protein directly, rather than passing it through four cow stomachs and contributing to greenhouses gases and animal suffering and death along the way.



Nutritionist Medha Nagpal from India awarded her Macrobiotic Health Coach certificate

One of our graduates on this month’s Macrobiotic Health Coach Programme, Medha Nagpal from India had incredible results from being dairy free for two weeks during the course.  As a daily dairy consumer she had many health issues ranging from stiffness in her joints to horrendous PMS.   As a nutritionist she was dumbfounded to learn what Bill and I teach about the health hazards of dairy food.  She will now be changing her patients diets at the hospital in New Delhi where she has worked for many years.  All she learned about dairy was ‘new’ to her so we still have much work to do in the world in terms of education and exposure

Collectively we are all making a difference.  Last month I was teaching at the Vegan Festival in Edinburgh.  Literally thousands of people were queueing as the doors opened.  It is very exciting to me to be in my home country for now to participate in all of these local events.  Here are our graduates on this months’ course.  More lighthouses now switched on in India, Ireland and London. This is a picture of the delicious graduation meal the students cooked for all of us.   In good health.


Sesame Baked

Sesame Baked Tempeh Served on a Bed of Couscous and Topped with Salad Greens & Fruit Chutney

Bill & The Girls

Our Fantastic Graduates

image5 (1)

Celebrating their Graduation

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