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KaleThese beautiful vegetables I am purchasing here for my seasonal cooking classes come from nature.  These living foods are worlds apart from ‘packaged’ denatured foods that drop off a conveyor belt.

As always, Bill and I are passionate to continue to be at the forefront of disease prevention and reversal.  The transformation in our last group of students health was even ‘gobsmacking’ to us. How privileged I feel to teach what I do and watch the health of those who come on our courses soar to levels they never thought possible. Macrobiotics has it all with the unique teaching of ‘seasonal balance’ of living life. Disease comes from an excess of a dietary/lifestyle that does not support strong blood and good health.  It really is that simple. Follow the principles of Macrobiotics and enjoy strong and vibrant health every day.

As we head into ‘late summer’ a season of its own in Traditional Chinese Medicine,  my classes and workshops focus on the taste ‘sweet’ that we associate with this time of year.  The organs associated with this season that we want to nourish are our stomach, pancreas and spleen.

Stomach – secretes acids and enzymes that breakdown food.  It mixes the food and digestive fluids through muscular contraction. Pancreas – digestive functions relative to neutralizing acid in the stomach, digestive enzymes that work directly on carbohydrate, fats and protein.  Spleen – as a support organ it filters blood as part of the immune system, recycles formed minerals from red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells.  It stores iron.  It also helps fight certain kinds of bacteria that can cause illness.

OnionsThis ‘sweet’ taste I am referring to that nourishes these organs come from foods such as carrots, squash, sweet potatoes and onions.   Sweet cooking is recommended to bring our bodies back into balance.  These types of foods are also helpful to soothe the pancreas if we have over indulged in lots of sugar and fruit in the summer months.  Roasting of these vegetables so that they caramelize and release their sugars is such a delicious way to enjoy them.  Also making some sweet potato, carrot and turnip mash as a side dish to beans and grains is a perfect way to really taste the sweetness of these vegetables.  This time of year is also focused on strengthening the immune system and lymphatic system so staying active is also important for these to operate at peak function.

Try these recipes below that we made at our recent workshop and nourish your late summer energy.  The deliciousness and sweetness of the onion gravy is loved by all I make this meal for.

Mushroom En CrouteMushroom en Croute (2)

1 x 375g pack ready rolled puff pastry

4 large white flat mushrooms, brushed clean and stem removed

4 tbsp basil walnut pesto

8 sun-dried tomatoes

½ pack of vegusto vegan cheese, grated

Rice milk to glaze


Preheat the oven to 220C/Fan 200C/Gas 7. Unroll the pastry on a lightly floured surface, then use a rolling pin, lightly roll the pastry so that it is large enough to make four parcels. Cut into four equal size pieces. Place a mushroom in the centre of each pastry rectangle.

Top the mushrooms with the pesto sauce, tomatoes and vegan cheese. Season with a little sea salt & black pepper. Brush the edges with rice milk and bring the corners of the pastry up and over the topping and press to seal together.

Place the sealed pastry parcels onto a large parchment lined baking tray and brush them all over with rice milk.

Bake for 20 mins or until the pastry is golden. Serve hot with your selection of steamed vegetables, side dishes and a generous portion of onion gravy.

Sweet Potato, Turnip & Carrot Mash

2 large carrots, chopped

3 medium size sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped

1 small turnip, peeled and chopped

Salt & Pepper to taste, (optional)

Sweet White Miso

Spring onion, very thinly sliced on the bias

Bring a large pot of water to the boil, add the carrots, potatoes and turnip and cook until soft, around 20 minutes. Drain and place in a bowl. Add salt and pepper if desired. Mash to your required consistency and then mix in two heaped tsps sweet white miso, garnish with spring onion.

OnionsOnion Gravy

1 tbsp Clearspring extra virgin olive oil
3 large onions, sliced thinly
2 cloves garlic, crushed
2tsp Clearspring Balsamic Vinegar
1 tbsp Clearspring Mikawa Mirin
2tbsp plain flour
1 sachet Clearspring Miso Bouillon mixed with 3 cups hot water
2tsp wholegrain mustard (optional)

Fry the onions and garlic in the olive oil on a very low heat until they are soft and brown. Stir when necessary. This will take around 30 minutes. Add the balsamic vinegar and mirin and allow it to evaporate. Add the flour and stir in thoroughly. Add the stock a little at a time, stirring constantly to avoid lumps.  Bring to a boil and then simmer for 15 minutes or until the gravy is thick.  Stir in the mustard if using, check the seasoning and serve. Check out for other delicious ingredients and recipes.

*You can purchase some delicious vegan pesto or make your own;

Basil & Walnut Pesto

½ cup pine nuts

2 cups fresh basil, chopped

2 or 3 cloves garlic, pressed

½ cup finely chopped walnuts

4 tbsp. Extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp tamari

2 tbsp. filtered water

Puree the pine nuts, basil, garlic, walnuts, olive oil and tamari in a blender (pulsing) or on low setting, until the ingredients are smooth and creamy. Add more water if necessary to create a thick, smooth consistency.

In good health



  1. Marlene as one of your recent students I want to thank you for giving me the tools to getting my energy back . I cannot believe how well I feel . My first thoughts were that to live without dairy meat bad sugar would be I possible however not the case . Thanks to you and Bill x MRie

    • Delighted to hear you are feeling like a new woman Marie. Bill and I love to see the change in people’s overall health and then empower and inspire them to go out and teach others. Have a lovely holiday. Love from us both x

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