Pureed Sweet Vegetable Soup

Pureed Sweet Vegetable Soup

Pureed Sweet Vegetable Soup

Pureed Sweet Vegetable Soup

You will feel relaxed and crave fewer sweets when you make this soup an addition to your diet.  Make a large batch and chill or freeze in portions. This is a delicious sweet soup to warm and nourish you over the winter months.  Don’t use convenience over nutrition.  We all need nourishing high fibre dishes daily to keep our health  in tip top condition.


1 sachet of Miso Bouillon or 1 organic vegetable stock cube

4 cups of spring water

1 onion

1 parsnip

2 cups of squash

1 cup cabbage, sliced

Sea Salt

1 tablespoon olive oil


Fresh parsley, finely chopped


Mix the miso bouillon or vegetable stock cube with the water. Cut the vegetables into large pieces.  Place the onion, squash, parsnip and cabbage in a pan and cover with the stock.  Add a pinch or two of sea salt. Cover with a lid and bring to a boil over a medium flame.  Simmer for about 20 minutes.  Puree with a hand blender return to a simmer and add the olive oil and then stir in the parsley. Finish off with a swirl of Shoyu.

In good health



  1. Looking forward to trying another one of your healthy, delicious recipes. My sister says when you crave sweets your body needs something (other than sugar). Delicious Sweet Vegetable Soup might be what the body is really asking for.
    Thank you Marlene for sharing and making this available to all.

    • Thanks Janice, delighted to hear you sister is doing well – wonderful mineral rich soup and sweet to the taste is the perfect balance. Well done you. Love Marlene x

  2. I enjoy reading your recipes you explain in detail the main ingredient and the history and importance
    Thank you for this information

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