Professor Gary L. Francione Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Professor Gary L. Francione Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Professor Gary L. Francione Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Professor Gary L. Francione Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Gary Lawrence Francione is an American legal scholar. He is the Distinguished Professor of Law and Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Scholar of Law & Philosophy at Rutgers School of Law–Newark. Professor Gary L. Francione is without a doubt one of my heroes and I am so proud to call him my friend.  Along with his wife Anna they have the skills and expertise to make the abolition of animals a reality.  They share their home and their hearts with six rescue dogs, many who had suffered horrendous injuries at the hands of humans.

As the Professor explains, killing an animal so you can eat the animal or wear the animal is wrong. Animal exploitation is so deeply embedded in our society, culture, and history that we are not used to viewing it as on the same level as other forms of discrimination. If anything is ever to change, we are going to have to think our way out of this mess and be clear we cannot justify the use of animals—however ‘humane’ our treatment may be.  There is so such thing as ‘humane’ or ‘happy’ meat.

The only justification we have for imposing terrible suffering and death on 65 billion land animals and an unknown but probably equally staggering number of fish and other aquatic animals is that they taste good. We engage in this mind-boggling slaughter of animals for reasons of pleasure, amusement and convenience.

His latest ground breaking books Eat Like You Care and Animal Rights – The Abolitionist Approach are a must have for everyone who ‘loves’ our animal kingdom.

Please visit his fantastic websites where you will find EVERYTHING you need to GO VEGAN and

A personal message to you all from Professor Francione;

Saving a life is as easy as adopting an animal-  Please, if you can save a life — a dog, cat, bird, mouse, fish, cow, chicken — anyone who needs a home, do so. Adoption is an important form of activism; they’re in this mess because of us. The least that we can do is to take care of the ones we can.

In good health



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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
Nelson Mandela



  1. Francione describes as “new welfarists” those who claim to support animal rights, but who support animal welfare regulation as the primary way to achieve incremental recognition of the inherent value of nonhumans. He argues that there is no factual support for this position because not only do regulations seldom if ever go beyond treating animals as economic commodities with only extrinsic value, but the perception that regulation has improved the “humane” treatment of animals may very well facilitate continued and increased exploitation by making the public feel more comfortable about its consumption of animal products.

    • Professor Gary L. Francione is doing a wonderful job world wide educating the principles of what you mention Danilo. Thank you for your comments. It horrifies me that these people making millions for their charities by exploiting our beloved animals. As you say, let’s everyone be comfortable with continuing to eat and use animals. May the world one day be vegan. Marlene

  2. Hi Marlene and Gary, Just watched your terrific show about the animals of the world and love to see your passion on the topic. I had one question for you Gary regarding exceptions to the rule. That question is “Are there any exceptions when you would condone the gentle exploitation of animals? I can think of a few possible exceptions:

    1. Dr. Campbell’s work with animals in the lab in his quest to identify the cause of cancer.
    2. The use of seeing-eye dogs for blind humans. They are service animals who serve their disabled “master” and I would imagine are treated very well by them.

    I completely agree with you about the total elimination of eating animals and using them for our entertainment as in horse racing or cock fighting. Would just like to hear your thoughts on the above two exceptions. What would you tell your law students? Best regards, Jim

    PS: My primary issue is about sustainability of the human species. Yet in spite of what I and many others are trying to do, I doubt that the human species will make it past the year 2200. Then, all the other sentient beings can once again the harmony of nature throughout the world.

    • Hi Jim., Look forward to publishing your interview on 22nd March. I will email you and copy Gary in as he won’t receive notifications of posts on my website… Hope the White House has responded to you by now.. Marlene x

  3. I didn’t think I would enjoy this as much as I did. So easy to listen to and made so much sense. Thank you Marlene.

    • Yes, Gary is the man… so blessed to have him as my friend. He and his wife Anna have to deal with the welfarist organisations as Bill and I have with all the cancer and diabetes research organisations blocking a healthy world.

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