Private Cooking Tuition in Your Own Kitchen


Shirley – U.K.


Private Cooking Tuition in Your Own Kitchen

Health & Healing Start in Your Own Kitchen’

Like many of you, I have a mission in life.  My particular mission is to entice and inspire as many people as I can back into their kitchen to get cooking with me.  Since the launch of my on line course I have received emails from folks around the world who tell me that it is like having private tuition in their own kitchen.   ‘Mission Accomplished’? – Not quite.

The plan is to have this digital course in as many countries as possible. At the moment however, it is exciting to know that there are folks cooking with me as far flung as Japan, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, London, and many more countries.  Although my course is based around weight loss, the information contained therein is also a platform to work from for all sorts of health issues. It’s a perfect way to ‘disease proof your family’.

Here is a free preview from cooking class one of ten from my course and some testimonials from clients who are on-board. Enjoy!

Here are some comments from around the world from clients who have me on their various electronic devices in their kitchen!

Bernadette, Ireland

Bernadette, Ireland

I purchased your Weight Loss Nature’s Way course and downloaded it to my ipad.  I thought the course was incredible value for money.  I cannot believe the amazing content, videos and educational material that you have put together for such a small sum of money.  I am loving the videos and cooking with you in my kitchen is like having personal training sessions with you.  My goal is to lose 28lbs. Here are the before pictures and I look forward to sending you the after shots.Thanks once again for an incredible course. Bernadette Jewell M.A. Counselling. Psychotherapy, Acupuncture. Chinese Herbal Medicine –  Dublin, Ireland



Yvonne, Surrey

Just to say I’m very pleased to say I have dropped 7lbs already and I’m very pleased as it has stayed off!   I have more energy throughout the day, I’m not having my daily naps. I have made the seed bars and chestnut truffles to help with sweet cravings.  I have also dehydrated apples and pears and have these as snacks.  I adore the video cooking classes and the educational tutorials are jam packed with amazing information. Thank you.  Yvonne Hoile – U.K.



Von – Portland, Oregon

I am so in love with the cooking videos and have created so many delicious and healthy dishes from your classes.  The instructions are so easy to follow; the information in the tutorials and bonus lifestyle tips are just fantastic.  My weight is shifting and I have not been hungry.  Eating nutrient dense food is definitely the way and along with your medicinal teas, this is a winning combination.  I enjoyed your free e-book on ‘freedom from cravings’.  I found the information insightful and helpful.  I love Weight Loss Nature’s Way.

Many thanks.  Yvonne Davis, Oregon, U.S.A.



Lainey – Scotland

Marlene’s key to success with Weight Loss Nature’s Way lies in her integrity and the power and conviction of her spoken word.  She wants everyone to succeed; it’s as simple as that. Her passion is infectious.  She does not make promises that she cannot deliver and is supportive of everyone’s goals.  It is fantastic that Weight Loss Nature’s Way has been adapted into an on line course which will facilitate her to deliver her message en masse.  As a newly-wed, I am not only learning about cutting skills and cooking but my husband is on target to lose excess weight with the first 16lbs already gone. L.P. Young – U.K.

Dear Marlene

You are without a doubt the most incredible force of nature I have encountered.  Your excitement, enthusiasm and passion for the love of your work is infectious and shines through on all your videos from the course.   I do believe that your vision for Weight Loss Nature’s Way will achieve worldwide status without a doubt and can’t wait to follow the progress and success of how many lives this will change in more ways than one.  I love having your videos on my ‘tablet’ in the kitchen cooking with you and I have learned so much from your course. A winner for sure. Keep up the Amazing work Marlene, the world needs more of you Tracy Case West Yorkshire Business Services Consultant

Hi Marlene,

The ‘Marlene’ videos and tutorials only get better! You truly are my best friend in the kitchen – thank you so much again Weight Loss Nature’s Way is fantastic.xx

Much love, Sally Assor -Artist/Musician, London

Could you use personal guidance with any of these cooking challenges?

If you’re like most people in today’s world, most days you just don’t have the time to spend hours in the kitchen. And dinners need to be able to be prepared fast, and of course be appealing to the eyes and the palate. This course will show you that you don’t have to sacrifice the wonderful health benefits that cooking can give you to have delicious and quick meals.  Gain confidence and skills in wholefoods cooking. Find how easy it is for you to make delicious meals that take only 15 to 30 minutes!

In good health,



  1. Hi Marlene,

    I was so delighted to see so many of your clients having you ‘personally’ cooking with them in the privacy of their own kitchen. As cabin crew it’s especially wonderful for me as due to the occasional bout of jet lag I can cook with you ‘on demand’ 24/7!! What a truly inspirational and creative culinary concept. Thank you for putting me on the road to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

    Love and best wishes, LPx

    • So delighted you are enjoying my on line course LP, makes my heart happy to know that around the world people can benefit from my work. Much love and good health. Marlene x

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