PlantPure Nation – The Movie

Colin CampbellPlantPure Nation – The Movie

Our friend and pioneer, Professor Colin Campbell’s new movie ‘PlantPure Nation’ will be launched in the U.S.A. on July 4th.  If you are not aware of the wonderful life changing and ground breaking work that Dr. Campbell has accomplished throughout his career please go to his website and become a fan.

For many years I have been trying hard to bring Dr. Campbell over from the States to Scotland to address the issues that we are all too aware of;  ‘Diet and the Development of Disease’. (He is Scottish after all and still has family here in the Scottish highlands) so our Scottish Government should welcome him with open arms. His book, The China Study, The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-term Health has sold millions of copies world wide. 

As those of you who follow our work are aware, Macrobiotic Centres around the world have been educating and teaching tens of thousands of men and women on practical ways to switch to a wholefoods plant based diet for many decades.  Bill has been teaching Macrobiotics around the world since 1968!  I was 11 years old then….. and for those of you who may not know this, Bill’s name is WILLIAM WALLACE TARA.   Talk about Scotland not realising when they  have a gift or two with Scottish Pioneers on their doorstep!

Colin is always delighted to hear from me when clients have incredible results switching from a meat and dairy based diet, in particular those that we work with who are suffering from cancer.  Colin was recently at the Macrobiotic Institute in Lisbon addressing the ministers of health.   Here is our lovely Francisco (alias Chico) Varatojos report on the fact that the surgeon general of Portugal endorses a plant based diet.

However, whenever I write to our respective governments, I receive the usual response; ‘they have the health of the nation handled’ so I am going to pull out all the stops and propose to host a screening of the movie here in Scotland and in London.

Watch the short trailer here on this link;

Things are moving in a positive way in the U.S.A.  Plant based diets are superior to animal based diets.  New ideas are often ridiculed, debated and then become the ‘status quo’.  This next paragraph or two is testimony to that.

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) recently released its 2015 scientific report. The report includes recommendations that will be incorporated into the Government’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans — as long as special interest groups don’t convince politicians otherwise.

The 2015 report contains the strongest pro-vegetarian recommendation to date, and points to disease prevention and environmental sustainability as reasons to adopt a meat-free diet.

Please email me to note your interest in attending the screening of PlantPure Nation later this year in the U.K.; (details will be announced when finalised) but in the meantime I require an idea on numbers from those interested in attending.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

In good health



  1. I know this film is going to be awesome. I’ve a feeling its going to surpass Forks over Knives and that was exceptional. I live in the Milton Keynes, Bucks, area of the country. Will we be able to see it in our region. I’ve only been vegan since the end of August, having been a vegetarian for approx. 36 years. I was persuaded to make the final switch by my animal rights (peaceful) activist granddaughter who cares only about harming our animal friends and nothing about health – well she is only 21. I was really happy I made the switch and only regretted I’d waited so long. As far as I was concerned that was the end of the story – until I noticed all the health improvements. First the weight loss; stomach pains I’d had for about two years disappeared, high blood pressure now normal, joint pains in knees and wrists all gone. I could go on but won’t bore you. That was what made me start researching what was happening to my body and that’s how I found the China Project, TED talks, etc. How true the saying we are what we eat. Many thanks.

    • Hi Vivienne, thanks for all ur news, wonderful to hear. You can now purchase the movie on dvd. Colin Campbell is a friend and the movie is fantastic. Much love you and ur family. Marlene x

  2. Hello Marlene, I would love to watch it ! Do you know if it’ll available in London ? Thank you.

    • Hi Fabiano, I will let u know xxx

  3. I’m interested in Colin Campbell’s film and fully support his views on nutrition. As a GP of over 20 years experience, I have strong views on diet and health! I hope that this will one day become mainstream dietetics advice but also agree with Colin Campbell that downward pressures of the food industry are immensely powerful in a negative direction.

    • Hi Anny
      Thanks for ur message. Yes the food industry rules the world. I have been teaching this work for 36 years and a light is shining at last. I am currently working with a TV production company in London for a Marlene TV Series which they love. At the moment all the comissioners of the TV stations are playing it safe but hopefully soon one of them will have the courage and wisdom to support me. My husband and I see so many clients for health counselling for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and a host of other non communicable diseases. However, there are more and more people wanting to change their diet and lifestyle but Scotland lags behind sorely. When we teach in other countries our
      workshops are always full. Let me know where u are based and if u want me to add u to the list of those interested in attending. At the moment the numbers are stil low so when I present at both Vegfest festivals I can promote if there. Colin is a dear friend and has made huge inroads as you know to bring about change. Have a super weekend.

  4. Count me in! I’m sure the film will be awesome! I am powered by plants….! It’s my new logo!

    • Have popped you on the list for two tickets Janice.

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