Plant Based Nutrition

Plant Based Nutrition


My Delicious Plant Based Menu

Over the weekend I received enormous interest at the Scottish Food & Drinks Festival that was held on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.  In the words of Victor Hugo ‘ Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come’  This was the message loud and clear as a throng of people lined up to sample the food I had cooked.  Such a joy to behold.

People lined up to ask Bill and I so many questions about diet and health and I do believe that we are making big inroads into a much needed shift to ‘plant based nutrition.  The other chef teaching at the event (meat dishes) is part of an independent training consultancy group in Scotland.  Their organisation provides training and education for the hospitality and tourism industry which includes training chefs for large hotel chains.  They were very interested in our educational programmes and will be in touch regarding teaching plant based nutrition.  One of his trainee chefs who was assisting asked if he could assist me during my classes.  You can see him below helping me serve the miso soup.  They all now have a copy of my book and will help spread the message.  Training for todays workforce – Education for tomorrows market.  I am very inspired.


It’s True – We have a Vegan Chef Here!!!



To have two ‘vegan’ cookery demos at this event now in it’s tenth year was a step in the right direction.  Our work is gaining more exposure year on year and collectively we are all making a difference. I offered, not only delicious tasting plant based food but a compelling account of our physiological relationship with food and dispelled many of the most prevalent myths and pseudo-science surrounding faddish diets.

The event was a success in terms of sharing our information with the masses.  More and more events like this are necessary to continually spread the word about plant based nutrition.  It was a perfect platform to show just how easy and quick it is to move back into your kitchen and eat well. Eating junk food kills stomach bacteria which protect agains obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, inflammatory bowel conditions etc., etc., My book sold well and that means that more and more people in Scotland will build an awareness regarding the ill effects of eating a diet based around meat, dairy and sugar.


Tartan Clad & Ready To Rock

There was lots of fun with so many fantastic bands and entertainment including of course the Scottish bagpipes.  I did of course ‘don’ my tartan ‘trousers’ for the event.

The organisers have already invited me to return next year.  By then I hope to see a ‘swell’ in numbers with the Scottish population incorporating Macrobiotics and Plant Based Nutrition into their lives.  I would also love to see some exhibitors at the event selling a plethora of plant based foods.  Suffice to say, there was not a wholegrain, bean, pulse or vegetable in sight, but….. you gotta start somewhere!!!


A long queue for Miso Soup Yay!!!

In the U.K. as a whole, more than two thirds of adults are overweight. During my presentations I addressed the issue of insulin resistance that is a huge problem and is now accepted to be closely associated with the accumulation of fat within our muscle cells.  This fat toxicity inside of our muscles is a major factor in the cause of insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes, as it interferes with the action of insulin.  When I looked around at over 100 stalls selling, meat, burgers, cake and other fat laden desserts it’s a ‘no brainer’ why insulin resistance is now a major health epidemic.

So many were absolutely thrilled with their prizes from Clearspring Foods, thank you so much for your contribution. – here are some of the lucky raffle winners.


Until next year Scotland….. I wish you good health.




  1. That’s great news Marlene, your cook book is my bible, it so used and food stained I will need to buy a new one soon. The shift to a plant based diet is gaining momentum. Well done, and thank you for this wonderful website.

    • Thanks Joanne, so sweet of you to take the time to drop a note… sometimes I feel I am writing to the invisible people ha ha… much love and hope to meet you sometime. Marlene xx

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