Patricio Garcia de Paredes Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Patricio Garcia de Paredes Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Patricio Garcia de Paredes Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Patricio Garcia de Paredes Appearing on Marlene & Friends

My gorgeous friend and colleague Patricio Garcia de Paredes, was for many years Education director of the Kushi Institute in Japan and has been at the forefront of Macrobiotics since he was a young boy.  He will share with you all this week his incredible journey in life since his mother took him and his brother from Spain to live in Boston to study at the Kushi Institute

Patricio is Spanish, was educated in the States but has lived in Japan for decades with his Japanese wife and their five children.  As a world renowned Macrobiotic chef he worked as head chef at the Kushi Garden Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan for many years as well as the Kushi Institute in Boston and Japan.

Patricio is the founder and director of the newly opened Kushi Macrobiotic School in Tokyo. and will continue offering the programs that were offered at the Kushi Institute of Japan as well as some new developments that he is planning for the future. He is currently working on two new books featuring the macrobiotic dietary and lifestyle approach for personal health, environmental sustainability and social harmony.

The devastation to the health of the Japanese people as they have moved away from their traditional diet of rice and plant based foods sees them with the same increase in cancers, diabetes, heart disease and obesity as the rest of the world.  In Japan in the 1950’s the proportion of animals foods to plant foods were 1 to 15 – now it is 1 to 3.

Breast cancer is the number one killer of women in Japan. What a DRASTIC statistic from a culture who virtually did not see breast cancer until Japanese women moved to the States after the war and adopted a typical western diet.  This ‘western’ diet that poisons us in now the diet of Japan.  Shame on all of those in the  ‘food industry’ who have contributed to the suffering of millions who die daily of endless diseases that are completely preventable.

Soy, which is a food that we all know is ‘ridiculed’ by the meat and dairy lobbyists just happens to be THE food that protects against cancers such as breast and other forms. Patricio and I discuss and dispel many myths about the wonderful soy bean.   So much suffering, all so unnecessary, so please share this interview with family, friends and colleagues and learn the truth about soy.  Fermented organic soy beans are one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

Bill and I look forward to working together with Patricio again in the future.

In good health

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  1. Dean from Australia Marlene – very nice interview. What a lovely gentleman, thank you for sharing his ideas with us. I was thinking Marlene – you could try to get an interview with Steven Acuff. He’s been in Australia recently (as he does for 6 months every year), and impressed me again with his amazing breadth of knowledge and his 40 plus years of experience. Last count was he’s lectured and counselled in 27 countries, and he has an interesting story for every possible dimension of health you can think of. He’s has just released his new self-published book – ‘Eating the Wu Way’ (Wu Wei is a Chinese term meaning not interfering or disturbing the flow of nature). It’s a beauty, and macrobiotics is given due credit numerous times throughout the book. Anyway, leave it with you. Thanks again for making macrobiotics more accessible to us ‘believers’ who sometimes feel a little isolated in our daily practice and our love of its principles. Wishing you continued strength in this honourable task….

    • Hi Dean
      Thanks so much for your message. Yes, I know Steve, we have taught on the same curriculum here in Scotland and in actual fact he used to be the translator in Scandinavia for my husband Bill….

      I have completed my series with 10 interviews from macrobiotic friends and the other 20 split between my vegan friends and my medical friends. I wanted a balance that worked to promote all I believe in. 9 more interviews to come with one more Macrobiotic colleague, the others are more of my doctor and vegan friends so a great mix of wonderful souls doing great work. My heart and soul lie with the animals so I chose from macrobiotic friends who believe in the same principles as I do and who do not promote animal products but thanks for your message Dean.
      Have a super day, Marlene x

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