Oriental Diagnosis with Bill Tara January 2017

Oriental Diagnosis with Bill Tara January 2017

Oriental Diagnosis is not only used by Macrobiotic Health Counsellors but is a very valuable self-help tool for everyone.   This workshop examines the relationship between physical health and how it effects behaviour, emotion, gesture and facial appearance. The foundations of this unique approach are based on the Japanese art of ‘Bo Shin’ (the art of seeing), the Five Elements theory from Chinese Medicine.

Bill Tara has developed this material over the past fifty years of experience as a health counsellor, teacher and student of human health and behaviour. He combines his classical studies in Oriental medicine with Michio Kushi, Shizuko Yamamoto as well as studies in modern approaches to humanistic psychology.


Over the two days we will examine:

  • The concept of chi energy in primitive approaches to health.
  • How Chi manifests in nature and in human form and function
  • The Five Archetypes of positive energy and how they manifest in health
  • Understanding the shadow energies that manifest with poor health in:
    • Facial expression and features
    • Voice and Communication
    • Gesture and Posture
    • Sensory Acuity
    • Emotional Assumptions and perceptual bias
    • How Energy Imbalance Effects Relationships

Bill has offered this and other seminars in over 20 countries to professionals and the general public. He is a regular teacher at several natural health care and macrobiotic institutes in Europe and North America.  The two day workshop costs 295 euro and includes teas and an array of my delicious snacks!  Please email me to register and reserve your place.

I would like to thank you all for your continued support of our work.  Bill and I send you best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season and a big Feliz Navidad in our video here.  Much love to all.

In good health



  1. I loved the Christmas video… You two are so adorable. Truly happy we got to spend time together in Scotland at the macro health coach course … Has meant so much..
    Big hugs, happy hols and wishing you both the best in 2017.
    Sam Nordin

    • Thanks Sam, it was a great joy having you as our student for sure. Much love and success to you for 2017 and will look forward to having you here sometime in Ireland.
      Marlene and Bill xx

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