November Courses in Galway

November Courses in Galway

Macrobiotic Vegan Cuisine

Macrobiotic Vegan Cuisine

New directions in natural approaches to physical and mental well-being, healthy macrobiotic vegan nutrition and human ecology is on the menu for November here in Galway.

Following on from our successful Ultimate Health Experience last month we have put out four dates for next month.  Many requests for one day only have been taken into account.  Spaces are limited so please book early.   The food is delicious, the teachers delightful! and the ambience of Seashore Cottage is simply breathtaking.

Saturday 5th OR Sunday 6th November 2016

Saturday 19th OR Sunday 20th November 2016

Welcome breakfast, inspirational lectures, delicious lunch, cooking class, home remedies, Q &A’s with Bill and Marlene and then dinner.  Cost per person is 250 euros.  If desired you can book both days for 425 euros per person. The programme and menu will be different each day.

We may be bang in the middle of 500 beef and dairy farmers here but the response to our educational workshops has been tremendous.  Even farmers have been on our course, now that is life affirming.

We look forward to welcoming many of you to this life changing workshop.

In good health



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