Natural Foods Cooking Show on T.V.

Natural Foods Cooking Show on T.V.

Natural Foods Cooking Show on T.V.

Vegan Plant Based Cooking with Marlene Watson-Tara

There are no Television Programmes teaching people how to cook delicious vegetarian food – We need access to a television station to bring about growth in this area. Please help by signing my petition below;

Why this is important!

Three-fourths of the world’s food sales involve processed foods. What people eat is increasingly driven by a few multinational food companies. We need to increase awareness on how to create healthy meals without resorting to junk food, meat and unhealthy ingredients. This information needs to be practical, fun and aimed toward creating delicious food. With all the concern about obesity and disease people need simple solutions that they can apply in their own kitchens.

The world is now split between people eating themselves to death and those starving. No one should be hungry. 55 billion land animals are raised each year for food. It is vital now to educate the masses on how to survive on a wholefoods plant based diet that creates health and vitality and at the same time alleviating the cruelty and suffering of animals.

7 billion people on the planet and growing! Let’s bring folks on board to lead the way and inform the masses about this ecological way to live for the health not only of humans but for the environment and the planet.

As a lover of animals, nature and life, my mission is to introduce and grow the concept of vegetarian/vegan cooking to as many people as I can possibly reach in my lifetime.

vegan cooking

Natural Foods Cooking Show on T.V.

As the author of ‘Macrobiotics for all Seasons’ I run competitions in magazines and give away copies of my book to encourage people to adopt a wholefoods plant based diet.  I give free cooking classes and lectures and help as many people as I can to adopt this way of life, humans, animals and the planetary health depend on it.

The vanguard of modern nutrition now agrees that a vegan diet is the way forward for health and longevity.

Thank you so much for your help and support of my work.

In good health



  1. Hi Marlene!
    I have read your post and I agree with you, absolutly. You have my support. I have a blog in Spain and I try to spread the same message. We have to bring health to people and make them to realize that is a health that they already have if we live according to our own nature.
    Congratulations for your blog and keep going
    Best wishes

    • Thank You Mario, que tengas un bien dia, beosos xx Marlene

    • Thanks Paula for taking the time to read and comment. Much appreciated.
      Marlene x

  2. I know you did, you’re a sweetheart, just trying to give it another round, was hoping it would go viral ha ha!!! still, not one to be thwarted I just keep going.

    Haven’t heard anymore from the assistant T.V. Producer who contacted me about my petition, let’s hope she comes back soon.

  3. Already signed the petition before Marlene as it would be wonderful to have a dedicated programme to creating, cooking healthy fresh foods. Keep up the great work. xx

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