Marlene Watson-Tara – Private Vegan Chef

Marlene Watson-Tara – Private Vegan Chef

As a teacher of plant-based nutrition, vegan, macrobiotics and Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have created thousands of recipes, a cookbook and cooklets with a plethora of menus to choose from.

I have four decades of experience teaching and creating delicious plant-based vegan cuisine for clients, students and families in many countries.

My recipes are all designed using the five tastes that satisfy every palate. From soups to bean stews and desserts, my weekly rotational menus offer incredible diversity. From the simple to sublime, my food is delicious, healthy and loved by all. I am available for short term or long term in the Surry or Central London area. Daily, twice weekly or full-time, whatever you desire, I am very flexible with time-frames.

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