Making VEGAN – The New Normal

Making VEGAN – The New Normal

marlene-the-healthy-vegan-chefOne of the most controversial and curious subjects in modern nutrition is the place of animal protein in a healthy diet. The evidence has been building over the past twenty years that our reliance of meat and dairy foods are a mistake. Most epidemiological studies indicate that excessive consumption of meat and dairy is a primary factor in most degenerative disease.

img_0717It is therefore, hugely exciting to see more and more people making the shift away from a meat based diet.  As clients ‘jump-in’ to our 4 weeks to vegan programme they learn so much more than they could ever have imagined.  Of course, the big question is always….. what about my protein!!

Surely we do not still believe that we must get protein from eating animals?  Well, many think they are going to get sick and die if they do not eat animals, I tell them they are going to get sick and die if they do.  The latest craze of ditching red meat and switching to chicken and fish and eggs is a big mistake.  This is definitely the wrong path to go down, so let’s start with eggs!

Egg yolk is loaded with cholesterol.  There is more cholesterol in a single egg yolk than in an 8oz steak.  Egg white is just a solid mass of animal protein, which is a problem for the health of your bones and kidneys.  Animal protein is unhealthful just as animal fat is.  Tofu scramble is delicious and comes with zero fat or cholesterol.

Milk, well, we all know that cow’s milk is for growing a baby calf into a 2000 lb cow. The cow’s milk is loaded with saturated fat, not to mention cholesterol, and of course it is high in sugar, lactose sugar. Our students and clients report that their arthritis, migraines and a host of other health issues start to  improve and disappear when they switch to the 35 recipes they learn on our programme.  They learn so much about plant based nutrition as well as cooking 7 dishes each week and the transformation in each of them is simply breathtaking .   If you haven’t made the switch yet, it’s time you should.

img_0700Protein is in everything that grows.  Our Macrobiotic vegan diet is loaded with protein from our wholegrains, beans, vegetables, sea vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds but here are 10 sources of protein that are readily available in most supermarkets.

  1. Vegetables: Greens will pack a protein punch. One cup of cooked spinach, kale, french beans, broccoli etc., deliver around 7 to 10 grams of protein.
  2. Shelled Hemp:  This delicious food is not only great for our environment but has been a long time favourite of mine for decades.  Add it to your morning porridge or cereal, sprinkle on soups and salads or over grains and noodles.
  3. Non-Dairy Milk: 1 cup of soy or almond milk delivers around 8 grams of protein.  Our students learn 7 delicious vegan, Macrobiotic breakfasts on our course using rice milk also.
  4. Nut Butter: I create delicious dressings using peanut butter, almond butter and cashew butter. They are all equally high in protein.
  5. Quinoa: Yellow, red or tricolour quinoa is such a versatile, delicious high protein food and can be used in salads, added to soups, used for breakfast or cooked together with millet is a winner.
  6. Tofu: Is a wonderful source of protein. I use tofu in burgers, soups, marinated and baked, scrambled and is fabulous for dressings and sauces as well as desserts.
  7. Lentils; I could virtually live on lentils.  I sprout them, I make an array of soups, stews, casseroles, rice dishes, burgers and so much more.   They are chock full of protein, one cup delivers 18 grams of protein.
  8. Beans: Our students cannot believe what we can make with the humble bean.  It’s like they have been introduced to a different world.  Equally as high in protein as lentils, I use adzuki, kidney, pinto and black beans and love all of them. Filled with fibre and heart healthy into the bargain.
  9. Tempeh:  Breakfast tempeh, creamy stews, burgers, and if you didn’t know, one cup of tempeh is about 30 grams of protein, that is more than 5 eggs!
  10. Sprouted-grain bread: This type of bread is a healthy alternative to the usual white sweet bread that so many still purchase and is an excellent source of protein.

People have been asking me why I created this programme and what the response has been like?

applesauceFirstly, The response has been overwhelming, people are loving the fact that they start at zero and after 4 weeks (one day per week) they have learned, 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 mains, 7 sides and 7 desserts, they are blown away by the fact that it was so easy.

Secondly, You can’t change your life without changing your life and you MUST learn to cook so that was my main reason for creating this programme.  You never stop smoking by cutting back to one cigarette a day.  You never stop drinking by switching from wine to beer.  You will never stop eating meat if you think you can switch from red meat to eggs or chicken or whatever.    Once people know how to cook the food and how delicious it tastes, it’s a no brainer.

I will eventually put this 4 weeks to vegan course on line like I did with my Weight Loss Nature’s Way course so that people around the world can purchase and enjoy in the comfort of their own homes.

In good health

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  1. Once again Marlene… have totally blown me away with your knowledge, expertise, enthusiasm and passion! We all have so much to learn……and I can’t wait to get started when your course is available to purchase online
    Thank you. Elaine

    • Thank you so much Elaine for your wonderful comments. I am thrilled to hear you are enjoying my educational material. All good, pushing out to the world big-time. Many blessings to you and your family. Marlene

  2. Sounds great to me Marlene, I will definitely purchase your course
    when it is available.
    Best wishes

    • Great fun, one day staff for sure will be in abundance to sit and do all this for me Krysia xxx

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