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Hi friends,
Wishing you all a very happy and healthy spring. This will be my last newsletter from Nature’s Way. Our new website is now live at so please head over there and subscribe to our MACROVegan newsletter.

We have been working full on with many of our students around the world who are passionate about sharing their message too. Please watch the short WHAT IF? VIDEO on the homepage of our new website. My passion for changing the world toward the MACROVegan way of life inspired me to create my cooklets that are now available to purchase from our on-line store

You can also go directly to the SHOPIFY page to purchase from this link:

I have launched these first two cooklets as they are the most popular categories, soups and desserts. However, I am currently working on the next two which will be coming soon: These will include ten fabulous recipes with Grains & Beans and ten of my stunning creations using Vegetables & Sea Vegetables. I also plan on creating a Sauces and Dressings cooklet. This will allow everyone to use the whole collection of fifty delicious and beautifully presented recipes each with mouth-watering images. You can easily replicate all of my recipes in your own kitchen.

Our fabulous partner and gifted artist Mike has also designed stunning A2 posters that are free on the site when you purchase the cooklets.

Bill and I will use the revenue from the sale of these cooklets towards renovating the boathouse here in Galway.

It’s a very exciting project and I would be grateful if you would share these links with family, friends and colleagues around the world.

My cooklets are being translated into many languages. The possibilities are endless.
Please also check out and like our facebook page for daily inspiration.

Wishing you all a wonderful day.

In good health


  1. Thank you Bill for the amazing class

    • Thank you Cristian, I have passed on your message to Bill. Enjoy what the day brings, Marlene x

  2. Can’t wait to have you guys here, safe travel Jeanne and Chris xxx Blessed to have you are our student.

  3. On my way!!! MacroVegan here I come!!!
    Congrats Marlene & Bill!
    The site is beautiful!!

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