MACROVegan Galway Ireland

MACROVegan Galway Ireland

Here in Galway, 2017, started with a bang. In a good way. Making huge inroads into opening our centre and have been quite literally non-stop. We have also found the most talented, gifted and fabulous partners, ranging from marine scientists to chartered accountants and artists.

The next logical step was to find the building that would become home for MACROVegan.  Bill and I have been searching for premises over the past months, in the village and out of the village, but nothing we viewed felt right.

However, unknown to us, the perfect place was right under our nose, just 6 houses along the bay from our cottage.  Who would have guessed?  As we passed this farm on our daily walks and chatted about how perfect it would be for MACROVegan I decided to do what I do best, have a wee chat.  So off I went and introduced myself to the farmer. Getting people excited about the future and being involved in something that encompasses all we teach is my passion.


The building sits right on the bay, an incredibly beautiful and energising place with stunning views. Currently under construction and hopeful of completion for our next course in April.

The glass roof lends itself beautifully for teaching my ChiBall/Yoga classes.  What incredible light and energy for our students to enjoy during lectures and cooking classes.



The building is a shell inside, so much work, and funding is required.  However, all going well with promised funding, we hope to be able to launch here for our next Macrobiotic Health Coach course commencing April 10th, graduation 22nd.  Otherwise, the course will be held as always in our home, Seashore Cottage, six houses along the bay.


However, the news just gets better and better. Aside from finding the perfect location, I would like to introduce you to my new buddies that I visit daily.  I have saved these delightful pigs from slaughter.  Yep, the farmer has gone vegan since meeting us and is now a partner in MACROVegan 

The farmer already had a donkey sanctuary with these two wonderful animals roaming free in acres of fields. These beautiful and friendly creatures can live the remainder of their lives in peace.

Our new MACROVegan website is under construction and hopefully will be live in the next few weeks. We look forward to having many of you from around the world to this stunning location to enjoy our many programmes and workshops.


As you grow in years, more than ever, the way you feed yourself determines your health.  My kidney bean stew in the picture here is quick and easy for all of you to master. My new MACROVegan Cooklets coming soon to the world.  They will also be available in many languages.

In good health




  1. wow! congratulations and regards from me & makronova/croatia! great story, great work! happy for you!!

    • Greetings from Galway Tamara, thanks for your thoughts and wishes, love to all in Croatia. Marlene x

  2. Hi Bill and Marlene, good to receive your newsletter about your new adventure….isnt it back to Bills roots ? Tara is an Irish name as far as Im aware…looks so down to earth…..which coast line are you near ? I love Ireland have visted a few times… Maria

    • Hi Maria, Very pretty here on Galway Bay, we are based in the village of Oranmore, only 20 minutes from Galway city centre. Our international programmes have such a super base with ample time for our students to visits the many stunning locations on the west coast. Hope you are well. Marlene x

  3. So pleased that you stuck to you guns and vision! I know it’s been hard work but I am sure it will be a fabulous venue! I will have to save some holidays next year for a visit and as always I’d love to work with/for you! I’m still following the principals of Macrobiotic life!
    Wishing you both all the best for the development of the center!

    • Hi Vanessa, glad to hear you are still living the macrobiotic life… as a long time vegan you know I would never have given up haha, on it daily.= so the timing is right, the country is right and the most fabulous people we have as partners are right. All good. Hope all good with Fyfe and life is good. We have a huge waiting list from around the world for staff, too funny, need to open ten centres!! Love Marlene x

  4. What an amazing story. Wow. Especially about the darling pigs and the farmer going vegan. This is so hopeful. Thankyou Marlene X.

    • Thanks, Kate, we will also be working with the farmer to turn his 11 acres into a fabulous organic farm growing amazing veg and other foods as well as making tempeh and seitan… Enjoy the day. Marlene x

  5. This is very encouraging and uplifting Marlene and Bill all the very best of luck.

    With love


    • Thanks Daniel, wonderful to see more people embracing veganism. Our animals need every voice they can get. Hope life is good with you. besos a ti x Marlene

  6. hello marlene, that sounds wonderfull.
    best wishes – sonja

    • Many thanks Sonja, hope you are well and make it to Galway sometime. Marlene x

  7. This all sounds so exciting 🙂
    “As you grow in years, more than ever, the way you feed yourself determines your health”. – your statement really resonates with me because the last ten years have not been good for me health wise.
    I came across you Marlene when you were on a video with Laura Christine Sainz of Live Vegan Vibrantly. I love what you do because it is from your heart.
    Over the past year i have managed to eliminate all meat, fish, dairy, eggs and am now concentrating on getting my nutrition with plants and eager to make macrobiotics recipes. Is your book Macrobiotics for all seasons your only one/latest production? If so i will get that to start on my Macrobiotics journey 🙂 Thank you for all you do <3 xxx

    • Hi Patricia, Thanks for your message and thrilled to hear you removed all animal foods from your diet. My last book Macrobiotic for all Seasons is the only current book. We are working on a new book, on-line nutritional course and my cooklets..all a work in progress, the only other programme I have on-line is called weight loss nature’s way it is a super course for many around the world who want to cook with me, whether they have weight issues or not, it has 10 cooking class videos and 10 educational tutorials, with lifestyle tips and recipes.. you can find two free classes of the full course on my you-tube channel. That will help you decide if it’s what would be helpful to you. Stay well… Marlene x

      • Heartfelt thank you Marlene for your lovely reply <3 Will look at your YouTube channel and will order your book today – can't wait to start learning about macrobiotics 🙂 Sending warmest wishes to you xx

          Here is a link to an interview with Bill, my husband, one of the pioneers of Macrobiotics since the 60’s, who explains Macrobiotics so easily and the interview is fun and informative. There are over 30 interviews with many of my friends on my Marlene & Friends Series on my website too. Have fun Patricia, it’s wonderful to learn something new daily xx Marlene.

  8. Hi Marlene, a big hello to you both from sunny East Yorkshire. I’m so delighted to hear all your news ‘re MacroVegan. You are are both such wonderful people. Marlene I can’t thank you enough for all your knowledge, help, love and kindness which helped me return to better health than before I was diagnosed with breast cancer (or a few doggie skin cells as I’d prefer to think of it) I’m still eating and living the Macro Vegan way I eat 5 times a day and can say with confidence, I’m 9stones (58k) i eat as much of not more than I did when I was 13stones. I’ve never been so fit and healthy. Along with all my friends and familys supoort and prayers you played a massive part. Thank you for giving me good health, the best figure I’ve had (I’m 52) and a zest and energy for life!!

    Much of love

    Liz x

    Ps I have a friend who’s just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s my automatic response was to tell about you…

    • Thanks Liz, it’s so great to hear all well with you as it should be, following the principles of MACROVegan will see you grow in energy as each year passes, simply wonderful. I am 60 this year and have more energy than people half my age !! enjoy the day.
      Marlene x

  9. This is great news! Well done for all your combined efforts <3

    • Many thanks Lorna, enjoy the day x

  10. That’s absolutely amazing Mal, sounds like all your hard work is finally paying off! Your new centre will be awesome & I know that lots of people will transition to a vegan lifestyle with your expert help & guidance & many animals will be saved!
    God Bless you Mal for your compassion, the world needs more of you for sure!

    • Thanks Janice for your message. As you know, the world is in desperate need of change and some T.L.C. we all can contribute to this change, as I know you do daily, with your work. The many lives you change constantly with your health coaching and cooking classes are spreading the word. See you soon, love to all. x

  11. Wow it looks amazing x

    • Hope you can make it sometime Anita X

  12. Congrats Marlene & Bill!! Sounds ideal!!
    I can’t wait to meet those lucky pigs! 😍

    • And they can’t wait to meet you and Chris… excited to have you both here Jeanne… will be just fantastic xxxx

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