Macrobiotics Vegan & Plant Based Cooking Classes, Workshops & Courses

Macrobiotics Vegan & Plant Based Cooking Classes, Workshops & Retreats

KitchenGive yourself or someone you love the ‘GIFT OF HEALTH’ this Christmas. My Cooking Classes run most weekends in Glasgow.  Choose from a half day 11.00 to 1.00p.m. a full day 11.00 to 4.00p.m. or a weekend workshop, Saturday and Sunday 11.00 to 3.00p.m.

All classes include lunch, educational hand-outs and recipes. There is also time for your Q & A on specific health issues you may be concerned with.   I will also teach you medicinal teas to help counteract health problems.

Many people travel from different countries to study with Bill and I.  You will see below the wide choice of workshops and courses that we offer.  Gift Vouchers are available all year round and will be mailed to you or the lucky recipient.

Workshops with Bill & Marlene – Life Skills for Healthy Living

Our programmes strive to meet the needs of a growing section of the population who want to extend and enhance their life through healthy living. If you want to have a healthy and educational break from routine, learn to reduce the stress of a busy life or learn new tools to manage your personal health care we have a programme for you.

Energised Green & Hijiki Saute at Marlene Cooking ClassThe Ultimate Health Experience provides an opportunity for total immersion in healthy living. This week of healthy meals, enlivening exercise and stimulating presentations will give you a new level of vitality and balance.

Every day you will feel inspired with entertaining and informative presentations that give you simple and effective tools for healthy living.

Bill and Marlene will guide you toward a better state of healthy living. The presentations all include ample time for your personal questions and practical tips for healthy living in a busy world.

Your visit includes:

  • 6 Practical Cooking classes
  • 10 Informative presentations of health, nutrition, Modern Macrobiotics and Oriental health assessment.
  • 4 workshops on making and using home remedies
  • Morning Exercises to fit your personal needs
  • Chats and Q & A sessions
  • Three delicious meals a day
  • Use of the gym and spa facilities at your local hotel

The Mini Health Break gives you a “Taste of The Ultimate Health Experience”. If you are pressed for time the break offers a three-day adventure into healthy living and how to incorporate healthy habits into a busy life. Your weekend will include: 4

  • 3 natural foods cooking classes
  • 5 Informative talks on creating a healthy life and understanding nutrition.
  • 2 Classes on making and using Home Remedies
  • Morning exercise
  • Three delicious meals a day
  • Question and Answer Session

The Natural Woman –  Ladies Start Your Engines!

Chi ballSome women have unique health issues to manage. Hormonal imbalance can contribute to weight gain, stable or unstable mood or a stressful temperament. They are a powerful force in both our physical and emotional life but they can be influenced by diet, exercise and state of mind.

Now you can learn the secrets of “Happy Hormones” and experience a gentle and relaxing get-away at the same time. The Natural Woman is a six-day retreat from the stress of city, family and work (or take as a mini-break as the UHE above).  Enjoy the opportunity to be served healthy delicious food, stimulating lectures, educational and fun packed cooking classes to stimulate adrenals and the endocrine system.  Learn the secrets of the Orient where they use specific foods to detoxify the blood, strengthen the bones, hair and nails and cleanse the entire digestive tract.  Be pampered by the beauty and health treatments of your choice at the local Holiday Inn/Spa and learn how to influence you hormonal health through the way you move your body and live day to day.

  • I will share with you all;
  • A natural approach to beauty, hormonal balance and weight loss
  • How hormones contribute to weight gain or loss
  • How diet affects hormonal balance
  • Specific foods that nourish healthy hormones
  • Home remedies for menopause and menstrual symptoms
  • How to incorporate healthy wholefoods plant based/vegan/macrobiotic meals into your life.
  • Specific exercises to stimulate or relax the system
  • How meditation techniques can contribute to health


P1030084The Great Escape A busy life often requires us to move beyond the boundaries of healthy living. One of the greatest challenges of modern life is finding a balance between our commitments to business, family, society and our self. Since stress is a major contributing factor in the development of many serious illness we need to develop strategies for healthy living so that we can enjoy the benefits of the life we work so hard to achieve. Work-Life Balance.

Our Work-Life Balance Workshop will show you new coping strategies that could prevent illness. This programme is aimed at teaching the busy city dweller how to nourish both the body and mind while experiencing the relaxing environment of your local hotel.  You will learn simple tricks to eat well, reduce stress and keep fit while in the office and on the road.

Workplace Stress; Job strains that leads to physical illness has become an unpleasant fact for millions of workers worldwide. Individuals must and should take steps to reduce and cope with the stress in their lives, and incorporating Life-force usage and Wellness Strategies is the only pro- active solution both at work and at home. Eliminating stress and avoiding executive burnout

  • Learning to Deal with Stress
  • Simple Meditation and Stress Reduction
  • Understanding Stress and Habit
  • Using the Five Minute Cool Down System
    • Breathe
    • Fix and Release
    • See the Pond
    • Check the Body
    • Shake it Down

Bill Teaching (2)Macrobiotic Recovery and Renewal

Every client will receive a personal health consultation with Bill Tara or Marlene Watson-Tara, counsellors with over 40 years experience and  leaders in Modern Macrobiotic teaching. Special care will be taken during the week for your personal health needs.

  • This programme is appropriate for individuals suffering from diabetes, digestive problems, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and chronic headaches or recovering from treatment for cancer or other serious ailments.
  • You will learn to prepare delicious healthy meals at home, develop a personal exercise program, and receive a complete health plan for when you return home and a follow-up programme for the following two months.
  • The Modern Macrobiotic system of health care has been shown to greatly benefit recovery from serious illness. This one-week programme gives you the opportunity to learn the ways you can speed recovery for illness and develop health and vitality.
  • Private Health Consultation
  • Personal Dietary and Lifestyle Guidelines for when you return Home
  • Medicinal teas to accelerate your progress
  • 6 Cooking Classes
  • 3 Classes in Home Remedies
  • Individual Exercise Programme
  • 8 Lectures on Modern Macrobiotic Practice
  • Two month email follow-up and coaching

Professional Training Courses

Macrobiotic Health Coach Intensive

Two weeks that will change your life

Sam GraduationThe dramatic rise in degenerative disease attributed to diet and lifestyle has created a demand for solutions to disease prevention and personal health maintenance. What is called for is a new generation of men and women who are capable of offering practical advice on how to live a healthy life in modern society.

During this two week residential intensive you will have the opportunity to learn the techniques of effective Health Coaching and experience the power of two weeks of healthy living. You will leave prepared to be a more effective promoter of natural health care for family and friends or to set up practice as a Professional Health Coach. This is a rare opportunity to study with teachers who are expert consultants and draw on decades of practical experience.

This course also offers additional tools to enhance professional or Para-professional skills in both the orthodox or complimentary health and healing arts. Course Contents include:

  • Visual Health Assessment (Oriental Diagnosis)
  • Modern Macrobiotic Nutrition (Diet and Human Ecology)
  • Cooking Classes
  • Home Remedies
  • Body Cosmology
  • Do In exercises
  • Individual Coaching Skills

Are you up to the challenge? Now is the time.  

Professional Health Advocate and Counselling Intensive 531575_3160741095696_1859676713_n

  • Health Coaching, Consulting and the Shamanic Tradition
  • Focus on developing Coaching and Leadership Skills
  • Using Visualization in healing
  • Establishing Healing Circles and Support Groups

Email Bill or myself for details, costs and available dates for all our workshops and courses.  We look forward to guiding you back to renewed health and vitality and the bonus is, it’s great fun!

In good health



  1. Hi I want to know about vegan courses if you could please help me with that

    • Hi Kritanya, I will send you details to your email now. Marlene

      • Hi Marlene I would like to attend a session. Can you give me some information. Thanks

    • Hi Kritanya, I will send you details to your email now. Marlene

  2. Dear Marlene,

    I would love to attend an ultimate health week, or a mini health break. Would you be able to let me know dates and costs?

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    • Hi Jenny, Thanks for your enquiry. I will email you the details now. Best wishes, Marlene x

  3. Cooking. Ultimate Health
    Hello, I’m interested in buying a present for my friend. Would you please email me information on Cooking Classes and the Ultimate Health Days? What are the costs and where do they take place?
    Thank you


    • Hi Chris, Thanks for your enquiry. I will email you the options and costs now. Have a great day. Marlene x

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