Macrobiotics for all Seasons

Macrobiotics for all Seasons

Book Description

Macrobiotics for all SeasonsMuch of the information in this book is inspired by the macrobiotic way of life. This system of health care and personal development originated in Japan but is based on a traditional understanding of diet, health and well-being recommended by ancient peoples from all over the world. It is a modern interpretation that is not therapeutic but directed more to general daily use and health maintenance.

Eating a healthy diet doesn’t need to be complicated or boring. That is one of the main messages of Macrobiotics for all Seasons, a simple and common sense approach to leading edge nutrition that supports health and is delicious as well. Marlene Watson – Tara guides you through a delightful fusion of modern nutrition, traditional wisdom and common sense that brings health, healing and environmental sensibility back to the kitchen.

Editorial Reviews

I have known Marlene for some time now and her passion for health and wellness is matched only by her knowledge. This book is a must-read for anyone concerned with maintaining, regaining or achieving robust health…so that means everyone! Simple, clear and filled with great information, conveyed with Marlene’s great compassion, style and humour, you will find yourself using this book all the time. – Christina Pirello
Emmy award winning host of ‘Christina Cooks’ & bestselling author

‘Marlene is an outstanding teacher of oriental medicine, I have learned so much about health. The food is delicious as well as being healing and healthy’. Princess Beatrice D’Orleans, Paris

Marlene’s expertise and unique teaching style is only exceeded by her charm and passionate dedication. Her practical courses offer a comprehensive view of body, mind and spirit information that will help you refine your understanding, inspire deeper commitment or get the necessary support if you’re on a healing path. – Verne Varona
Speaker & Author, Nature’s Cancer-Fighting Foods and Macrobiotics for Dummies

I have known Marlene Watson-Tara for years and have taught on her course, The Natural Woman. Marlene is such a kind, passionate and wise soul. Over the years that Marlene has been working with her concept she has received wonderful feedback and results. Her fantastic idea is simple, safe and powerful. Work with it, you will reduce weight and achieve better health simply by following the guidelines in her book. Dr. Lisa Yun Sun PhD, CMIR

With Marlene’s programme and following all the recipes in her book I have shed around three stones and I am in clear sight of my ideal weight. The sciatica has completely disappeared. I now feel as if I have been given a new body. All areas of my life have improved dramatically and coupled with all of the above, the food is fantastic.’ Mark Freegard – Music Producer

Through Marlene’s knowledge and passion for health, nutrition and life-philosophy, I was able to gather the tools which allowed me to steer in a new and positive direction. Her contribution lies not only in the teaching but in the inspiration to continue.’ Enrico Marone Cinzano, Entrepreneur, New York ‘

About the Author

Marlene Watson-Tara (3)

Marlene Watson-Tara

As a highly profiled professional I have been actively teaching all aspects of health and wellness for over 30 years. In the last decade I have been teaching my  Living with the Seasons workshops in various parts of Europe, America and Australia. I have a list of clients ranging from the movies and arts to members of royal families.

In the last 3 years I have been teaching chef’s the art and skills of macrobiotic cooking. My dietary advice draws from the fields of macrobiotic nutrition, my studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine and common sense.

My husband Bill Tara and I run our Macrobiotic Health Coach Course four times a year in Scotland.  Students come from around the world to study with us.  Please email me for information if you are interested in exploring the world that is MACROBIOTICS.

My favourite saying is: “If you don’t look after your body, then where are you going to live”

In good health


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