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Macrobiotic Health Counselling

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Consultation (2)Here is a list of the most common complaints I receive from clients;

Fatigue, sleep disturbance, irritability, depression, weight gain, muscle weakness, arthritis, thyroid and digestive problems.  Then there are others with more serious health issues such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  When these folks come for health counselling and register in our Ultimate Health Experience Programme, or my ‘Natural Woman Course’ they turn their lives around.  Many have gone on to complete our ‘Macrobiotic Health Coach Programme so they can teach others how to live a vibrant healthy life.

Our workshops focus on addressing all of these issues and our ‘Getting Started Guide’ that clients receive to put them on the road back to health has proved invaluable to so many.  Basically, if you follow a hormonal balanced food plan your health will recover.  It’s really that simple.

The Hormone-Balancing Food Plan

Given the average lifestyle of today’s perimenopausal women, it’s not difficult to see why insulin, oestrogen, and the eicosanoids become unbalanced, putting us at increased risk for many diseases. If you follow the tips listed below you won’t have to wait long to feel better. In a matter of days, you’ll probably notice that your sleep improves, you begin to lose excess fat, various troublesome symptoms begin to disappear, and your skin takes on a healthy glow. To keep your blood sugar, eicosanoids and hormones balanced, do the following.

Eat At Least Three Meals A Day

Quick Miso BrothNever skip breakfast or lunch because the metabolic rate naturally peaks at noon and decreases after that, so the food you eat at night is far more likely to be stored as excess fat compared to the food eaten earlier in the day. My quick miso broth is the most amazing start to your morning, you will find this quick recipe under soups in the recipe section on my website.  Along with my wholegrain porridge, I am set up for the morning. It’s best to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day by eating frequent, smaller meals.   I highly recommend a snack around 4pm, right during the time when blood sugar, mood and serotonin tend to plummet. This snack can keep you from overeating at night when you get home.

Focus on Portion Size, Not Calories


Beans with MarleneConcentrate on eating the highest-quality organic food available in smaller portions. Cup your two hands in front of you! that’s how big your stomach capacity is. Limit your intake to no more than that at each meal or snack. Overeating in general – regardless of the food – is associated with overproduction of insulin.

My next ‘Natural Woman’ Workshop is on 28th February & 1st March.   I will be sharing great educational material, cooking fantastic food and making home remedy teas to balance your hormones.  Enjoy a healthy educational break from routine, learn to reduce the stress of a busy life and gain new tools to manage your personal health care.  Please email me to reserve your place and book your macrobiotic health counselling session.

I look forward to seeing you all.

In good health



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