Macrobiotic Health Coach Training in Glasgow

macrobiotic health coach graduates

Macrobiotic Health Coach Graduates

Macrobiotic Health Coach Training in Glasgow

People are waking up to the need for healthy living and they need someone to guide them through the fads and confusion.

Are you up to the challenge? Would you like to learn how?

The dramatic rise in degenerative disease attributed to diet and lifestyle has created a demand for solutions to disease prevention and personal health maintenance. Health coaching is a specific process of helping clients to identify health goals, provide a practical plan of self-generated action and offer support in the achievement of those goals. Our Health Coach Intensive will prepare you to fill this need.

Our course is founded on the principles of modern macrobiotic health care and represents a unique blending of ancient wisdom and modern insight. Students will receive training in Macrobiotic Nutrition for Health and Recovery, The Principles of Human Ecology, Oriental Diagnosis and Health Assessment, Natural Foods Cooking and Home Remedies, Body Energy and Movement as well as Practitioner Training.

The full course is comprised of over 100 hours of class time  and includes a full complement of workbooks and assignments for home study, all lunches and snacks. Our teachers are experts in their field and represent a personal minimum of thirty years experience in their area of expertise.

Teachers of cooking, yoga, personal development or any of the helping professions can use these skills to add value and dimension to their practice. It will also serve dedicated individuals who simply want to increase their knowledge of health for themselves and their family.

Student comments:

 “You’ve got it all with Bill and Marlene: mind, body and spirit.  The first steps towards the “great life” to which we all aspire.”  Kenneth – Paris

 “This is a truly powerful and transformational course led by world-class practitioners. I am feeling ever more ready to support others to achieve their own optimum health and wellbeing. I challenge anyone to leave this course unchanged for the better!” Amanda – Helensburgh

A huge thanks to Marlene and Bill for a fantastic course.  I didn’t know that there was so much I didn’t know about creating good health.  I feel I have been given new eyes to see with since completing your Macrobiotic Health Coach Programme. I now have the knowledge to create a wonderful healthy life for myself and my family and the tools to help others to renewed health.  My accolade to you both!  – You two are simply the best, better than all the rest!  Carin, Sweden

Your course teachers; Bill Tara, Marlene Watson-Tara

For a detailed Curriculum contact us at   or

We look forward to welcoming you all from around the world to grow this wonderful philosophy that is ‘Macrobiotics’.

In good health


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