Macrobiotic Health Coach Course – Glasgow

Slide3Our first two week intensive Macrobiotic Health Coach course in Glasgow in April is now filled. Registration now available for our next coaching course which commences Friday 3rd June Graduation 15th June 2016 

Our London based course with starts in September, full details on my website.

The dramatic rise in degenerative disease attributed to diet and lifestyle has created a demand for solutions to disease prevention and personal health maintenance. What is called for is a new generation of men and women who are capable of offering practical advice on how to live a healthy life in modern society.

During the two weeks of study you will have the opportunity to learn the techniques of effective Health Coaching and experience the power of healthy living. You will leave prepared to be a more effective promoter of natural health care and set up practice as a Professional Macrobiotic Health Coach.

Macrobiotic Health Coach Graduates

Macrobiotic Health Coach Graduates

The Macrobiotic Health Coach curriculum has been designed by Bill Tara, co-founder of the Kushi Institute, creator of the International Macrobiotic Institute (Kiental, Switzerland) curriculum and designer of the American and European Kushi Institute Teacher Certification Programmes along with his wife Marlene Watson-Tara who brings decades of teaching experience and a wealth of knowledge. Marlene studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is also a graduate of plant based nutrition from T. Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies. She is the creator of the successful on line Weight Loss Nature’s Way Programme and ‘The Natural Woman.’

Macrobiotic Health Coach Graduates From India, USA, Sweden, London & Scotland

Macrobiotic Health Coach Graduates From India, USA, Sweden, London & Scotland

This is a rare opportunity to study with teachers who are international authors and world wide expert consultants who draw on decades of practical experience. Macrobiotic philosophy serves as the foundation of these studies and provides the link between the disciplines and life skills we will explore together.

This course also offers additional tools to enhance professional or para-professional skills in both the orthodox or complimentary health and healing arts.

Some words of wisdom from many of our students from around the world:

Please email me for a full syllabus and costs.

Bill and I look forward to working with you and joining us in service for a healthy world for all. Humans and Non-Humans Alike.

In good health

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