Macrobiotic Cooking Classes, Glasgow, Scotland

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Cooking Classes with Marlene Watson-Tara

Macrobiotic Cooking Classes, Glasgow, Scotland

Founder of Academy of Wellness, Marlene Watson-Tara is currently based in Glasgow and offers a host of workshops, health counselling, and her hugely popular macrobiotic, vegan, and plant-based cooking classes are helping many families transition from a meat based diet.

Learn from dynamic teachers, eat delicious food, and gain tools to transform your life and take charge of your wellbeing. Transform yourself from the inside out – inspired by the best in modern macrobiotics, Bill Tara and Marlene Watson-Tara’s diverse programme offerings will help you transform your health.  Choose from the following;

  • Ultimate Health Experience
  • Detox Mini-Break
  • Health Recovery Programme
  • Balancing Hormones and Weight Loss Nature’s Way
  • Passionate Cooking for Health & Vitality
  • Natural Woman Programme
  • Tasty Tips for Kids
  • The Great Escape (Corporate Programme)
  • Health Coaching Programme (certification)
Quick Stir Fry

Quick Vegetable Stir-Fry

I cannot think of any other area in life that is as loudly debated as how we should eat. It concerns me that high consumption of meat is associated with cancer, heart disease and diabetes alongside a host of other illness’s.  No one likes being told what to eat.  Ultimately, food is chemistry, leading to reactions that promote health or disease!  Animal products lead to inflammation and disease.  Long term consumption of animal protein weakens the kidneys.

Welcome to a life of renewed health and wellbeing is on the menu at all of our programmes. If you want to revive your energy and remove the oxidative stress and inflammation from your body here are a few suggestions.

Rebalance with wholegrains.  One important benefit of eating whole grains is the high fibre content which helps your intestines stay healthy.

Cleanse with vegetables. Colourful vegetables not only provide important nutrients, they also help cleanse your body of toxins. Be sure to include these three vegetable categories: dark greens, sweet vegetables and seasonal vegetables.

Ground yourself with beans.  Low fat, high fibre beans are ideal for maintaining body weight while strengthening intestinal function.  Switching from animal protein to vegetable protein in beans helps the body cleanse fatty deposits and prevents heart disease.  Beans have grounding, stabilizing energy which counterbalances destabilizing foods like alcohol and sugary drinks. Macrobiotic recipes have a delicious balance of taste and textures.

Quick Vegetable Stir-Fry

This easy, toss together stir fry is fabulous hot from the pan. But it’s also delicious cool, as a salad. Make more than you think you’ll need and you have lunch for the next day.

Olive oil

1 onion, diced

2-3 cloves garlic, chopped

1 large carrot bite size chunks

1 small leek, washed and cut into bite size pieces

1 cup fresh garden peas

1 cup of mange tout, trimmed

1 Courgette peeled, sliced into bite size pieces

1 bell pepper- red, yellow, orange or green, cored, very thinly sliced

2 cups mushrooms, trimmed, thinly sliced

Sea salt and ground pepper (optional)

Fresh herbs, to taste- parsley, basil, thyme – whatever you prefer

1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

Heat a splash of light olive oil in a wok over medium heat.  Add the onion, stir until translucent. Add the garlic and cook for a minute. Add the remaining vegetables. Season with sea salt, pepper, and herbs then add the balsamic vinegar. Stir-fry until tender.

Please contact me for availability on classes and workshops.

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  1. Could you email me some prices please. Would like to purchase a course for my friend and I.


  2. Hi Marlene, I am looking for a Christmas gift for a friend and thought about booking a healthy eating course for both of us. Could you email me the prices please? I’m presently reading, “think and eat yourself smart” by Dr Caroline Leaf.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. How much do your macrobiotic cooking classes cost?

    • Hi Jill, I replied to you directly on your email account. I now live and teach in Galway. Hope you make it sometime to one of my workshops. Enjoy the day.

  4. Hi
    I would love to know more about classes in Glasgow. I’m reading an old book from Wendy Esko at the moment and it’s a really exciting way of making food. I have many questions. Thanks for emailing me more indispensable!

    • Morning Bert, I have just moved to Galway, will send you details of our next workshops, it may be something you are interested in… Best, Marlene

  5. Hi Marlene looking for your classes In Glasgow and also the cost please?
    Kind regards Mary

    • Morning Mary,
      I will email you details now, look forward to meeting you. Marlene x

  6. Hi I am interested in The Ultimate Health Experience, I have sort of lived as a vegetarian for a while but it was a good few years ago. In 2014 I was diagnosed with Overian cancer I had12 weeks of chemo then an operation followed by another 6 weeks of chemo. I lived a good life for 6 months then it came back again, I have just completed a 6 month course of a different lot of chemo (given once every 4weeks) but it hasn’t worked as well as the oncologist had hoped that it would. I have just discovered macrobiotics and would like to transform my diet with your help.

    • Hi Mary, I will email you details of upcoming courses with me to your email address. Marlene x

  7. How do I book macrobiotic cookery classes please?

    • Hi Ros, thanks for your message. I will email you details of my cooking classes now. Marlene.

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