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Macrobiotics – Vegan – Plant-Based

Healthy food doesn’t need to be boring or tasteless. Learn to prepare beautifully presented and delicious healthy meals using fresh, natural ingredients in your own home. I will design weekly menus for yourself and your family. Weight loss meals, cooking for specific health problems or whatever your desire, I have the answer and the skills to fulfil your needs. Regular clients book me for one, two or three days a week and I cook and freeze in portion sizes if that is their wish.

I am a macrobiotic teacher, chef and counsellor and have spent the last decade teaching and cooking for private clients in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland.  I have decades of experience training students the art and skill of macrobiotic cooking and counselling.  My classes are educational, fun and skill oriented.

“Marlene’s cooking classes changed my life and that of my family.  The food is delicious and easy to make.  She is such a genuinely wonderful authentic and amazing lady with an infectious enthusiasm and great depth of knowledge, if only she were the ‘health minister’ we’d be closing hospitals for the right reasons!!

I have been telling everyone how you have helped me reduce the size of the cancer “spot” in my breast by the latest measurements this week of 80% (please feel free to tell other clients how what you do really does work even my consultant agreed it’s my diet that has made the amazing difference).

Thank you for all your help, support and wisdom, without it I know I wouldn’t be in such a balanced place, everyone is shocked how well I look and it’s all down to your counselling and amazing tasting healing food.  You are a gift to the world Marlene and I would encourage all to study with you and not wait until they have a diagnosis of, as you quite rightly put it non-communicable diseases.  Elizabeth – West Yorkshire


cooking-groupBe good to yourself and the planet! Learn how tasteful, invigorating and fun healthy gourmet cooking can be! I am a teacher of inspiring vegan and macrobiotic cooking classes that help participants understand the relationship between food and health and contribute to positive lifestyle changes.

These introductory whole food plant-based cooking classes are designed for people who would like to cook healthy whole foods for themselves and their families.


Here are the most popular classes:

  • Private one-to-one home cooking classes specialising in whole and natural foods
  • Community cooking classes (you be the host/hostess)
  • Chef Training for private clients, restaurants or hotels
  • Consultancy work for restaurant menu design and planning

During each of these classes, you will learn to fashion delightful dinners and lunches using her unique fusion of European, Mediterranean, and Japanese Cooking styles. You will also learn knife skills, cutting styles, cooking for the seasons. It is truly a wealth of knowledge and always delivered in a user-friendly fashion.

Wherever you decide to have this fun fiesta Marlene will travel to your chosen destination.

Please contact Marlene for costs and availability.

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