Heart Healthy Diet

Heart Health

Heart Healthy Diet

Heart Healthy Diet

The best Valentine present you can give to the ‘heart’ that you love is one of good heart healthy diet. Hypertension is a health condition that needs to be taken seriously.   If you clog up the pipes in your water system, you have to call out a plumber, right?  If you clog up the arteries in your heart with animal food and junk food you are seriously damaging your health.

The build-up of atherosclerotic plaque in the coronary arteries can obstruct blood flow and oxygen supply to the heart.    The vanguard of modern nutrition now show research and studies that a plant based diet not only prevents but reverses heart disease.  So what is the answer?

My ‘Hearth Healthy’ Cooking Class & Workshop 21st February

Besides the dietary advice for specific heart conditions I will be covering during the workshop, you will be given guidelines that should be observed to strengthen the heart and prevent the development of cardiovascular disease.

By choosing the most health promoting foods available that will strengthen the heart, we will also prepare some special ‘home remedy heart tonics’.  The added bonus is that they all taste delicious.  The ‘teas’  help discharge accumulations of saturated fat and cholesterol from the body.

WholegrainWhole grains and legumes, fruits and vegetables can be used  as base ingredients for your favourite dishes.  Soups, bean burgers,  lasagnas, sweet mashed potatoes, sandwiches, burritos, desserts, and so much more.

The heart is nourished by foods with a slightly bitter taste, watercress, spring greens, mustard greens, and burdock stimulate the heart and circulatory system. Gomashio is a helpful condiment to restore flexibility to hardened arteries and vessels.  This class is fun and informative so give the love of your life a gift of ‘heart health’ for Valentines.  The menu will centre around wholegrains primarily in whole form. This gives the strongest, most balanced energy and contributes to proper development of the heart and circulatory system.

‘Heart Healthy Valentine Menu’

Creamed Carrot Watercress & Ginger Soup

Short Grain Brown Rice Mushroom Risotto with Oat Cream

Roasted Squash with Caramelized Leeks

Sweet Arame Saute with Steamed Bitter Greens

Daikon Pickles

Apple Sesame Custard

Valentine Shortbread

Please email me to purchase a gift voucher and reserve your space.  Look forward to having fun with you all and sharing my ‘love’ of good health.

In good health


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