Go Vegan with VegFest Glasgow

Go Vegan with VegFest Glasgow

Go Vegan

Food is Our Future- Eat a Macrobiotic Vegan Diet

2015 is well and truly the year of the vegan. In the wake of over 16,000 people from all over the globe participating in Veganuary’s vegan January campaign, (you will find 60 of my recipes on their website) plus prominent coverage of the vegan lifestyle in major tabloids such as the Independent and the Evening Standard, Europe’s biggest vegan festival VegfestUK just announced a record attendance of 12,000 visitors at their latest event at the Brighton Centre on March 28th 29th.

Two exciting Vegan events are happening in Scotland in 2015.  A new week-long ethical festival is to be held in Glasgow, culminating in a two-day celebration of veganism.  “The Only Way Is Ethics” will have as its climax, in December, the first-ever Vegfest Scotland. Bill and I will be presenting there on December 5th & 6th Hall3 @ SECC Glasgow

The other festival we will be presenting nutritional and educational lectures at will be held in Edinburgh on Saturday 8th August.

Making the Change

There is definitely a shift in consciousness here in Scotland and it is so encouraging and exciting to see this happen. On my website you will find lots of recipes, articles and instructions to help you shift towards a wholefoods plant based diet.   My Macrobiotic and Vegan cooking classes run every weekend; please email me for availability.

We look forward to seeing you at these events in 2015.

In good health



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