Ginger Compress Aids in Healing

Ginger Compress Aids in Healing

The Activity of the Ginger Compress – an amazing restorative for all that ails you.

Ginger has many healing capabilities

Ginger has many healing capabilities

The purpose of a hot Ginger Compress is to dissolve stagnation, mucus and tension, melt blockages and stimulate circulation and energy flow. This is a wonderful treatment for injuries to the body, especially the back and I use it on clients with scoliosis.  It is particularly good for moving stagnated chi (energy) in the kidneys and the lungs. It also helps heal skin complaints.

The heat activity of the compress stimulates the blood and tissue circulation in the area being treated which then facilitates the excretion of the dispersed toxins.  It is effective in dissolving hardened accumulations of fats, proteins or minerals. Examples are kidney stones, gallbladder stones, cysts and benign tumours such as uterine fibroids.
Many types of acute or chronic pain can be relieved such as rheumatism, arthritis, backaches, cramps, kidney stone attacks, toothaches, stiff neck, frozen shoulder and similar problems. It is very effective for those suffering from asthma but will be effective ONLY when dietary recommendations are followed.

Marlene administering a ginger compress on a student

Marlene administering a ginger compress on a students kidneys

A ginger compress can speed up the improvement from a variety of inflammatory conditions, like bronchitis, prostate infection, bladder inflammation, intestinal inflammations (but never appendicitis). It is effective in relieving congestive conditions like asthma.

When tissues have been damaged, the compress can speed up the regeneration of the damaged area and is also a wonderful treatment for dissolving muscle tensions.
Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Meanwhile, grate enough gingerroot to equal the size of a golf ball. When the water comes to a boil, reduce the heat to low, and place the ginger into a cotton handkerchief and tie with string or secure with an elastic band.

The water at this point should be just below boiling point. Place the ball into the pot and allow it to soak in the water without boiling for about 5 minutes.
Place a face towel into the ginger water, wring out and apply to the desired area on the body. Cover with a hand towel to hold in the heat. Change the facecloth every 2 to 3 minutes as it starts to cool off.

Ginger Compress on the Kidneys

Let the cloths cool slightly before placing on the kidneys

This can be done by using two cloths and alternating them so that the skin does not cool off between applications. Continue the applications for about 15 to 20 minutes until the skin has turned pink.
The tissues of the walls of the intestine if you are using it there to relieve digestive problems.  The tissues begin to receive clean, revitalized blood (if we have also changed our way of eating, and it has to emphasized the ginger compress is a waste of time if we do not). The intestines become revitalized, leading to regeneration of the tissues and restoration of their proper, harmonious function.  In these images here you can see me administering a compress on a students kidneys.

During Treatment.
As a result of doing the treatment mucus deposits are gradually dissolved and toxins flushed into the bloodstream. The body may show signs of detoxification or may show no overt signs of cleansing other than increased urination and bowel movement and some fatigue.  Relax after the treatment and drink some filtered water.  The compress should be done twice a week.

For psoriasis or other skin complaints place the hot towels from the sternum to the navel so as to cover the whole intestinal tract.  This is where the healing will take place for problems with the skin but you must change to a  wholefoods plant based diet and remove sugar for this to be effective.

Never apply a ginger compress when a high fever is present. As the compresses are very contractive (yang) they are hot applications therefore should not be used on a dense area of the body such as the brain.

There are many other home remedies, medicinal teas and 200 delicious recipes in my book ‘Macrobiotics for all Seasons’ available  worldwide on amazon.  The body is a self healing organism, eat well, hydrate and exercise for good energy and vitality.

In good health,




  1. Hi Marlene,

    Can I use ginger compress around my knee for the swelling to go down? I had a total knee replacement for the third time in the same knee.

    • Oh dear, sounds painful. For painful joints apply a hot ginger compress to improve circulation and reduce hardening, unless there is inflammation in which case a tofu plaster or leafy greens plaster is recommended. The tofu is cold and therefore leads to contraction (a yang effect), serving to neutralize heat or inflammation.

  2. Hi,
    Ginger compressed can be used to dissolve dermoid cyst on eyebrow?

    • I wouldn’t advise using ginger near the eyes.

  3. Are ginger compressed helpful for edema in the ankles and lower calves? Also how do I purchase your online weight loss program? Thank you.

    Barbara Thoms

  4. My creatinine is 8.13 and im not in dialysis yet . I still have one kidney functioning. Can ginger hot compress can lower my creatinine? Im 52 years old female. My sugar is normal. But ive got stroke last 2006. Been bedridend for 6 months. But ive been able to walk using nuga best bed theraphy.

    • Hi there, unless you completely change your diet to 100% plant based using grains, beans, vegetables, nuts and seeds and fruits nothing changes and ginger compress will only assist in health issues when all meat, fish, dairy, eggs, all animal moved are removed. You can change your health by starting today on a plant based diet. The body is a self healing organism. I hope that helps.

  5. COPD?? What would you recommend?

    • Avoid all animal foods, eat a wholefood plant-based diet. The ginger compress placed on the upper back area will help.

  6. Hello!

    What about a ginger compress for under active thyroid function (hypothyroidism)? Would it help to activate it function?

  7. marlene. i am 23 weeks pregnant with kidney stones. i dont want to take any more pain killers. what can i do to ease the pain and support the process. is ginger compress ok during pregnancy? many thanks for your time and help. olivia.

    • marlene. i am eating according to my understanding of macrobiotic principles. warmly. olivia.

      • As mentioned in your other question re ginger compress, be sure to avoid all animal products in future do avoid kidney stones. take care. x

        • marlene. thank you very much. olivia.

    • Hi Olivia, yes you can use the compress on your kidneys and obviously avoid all animal products. Take care

  8. Hi. Is this compress can be used more then twice a week?
    Works briliant with my sciatica pain.

    • Use the compress three days in a row every week for at least four weeks.

  9. I would like to know where you were located because I am interested in receiving a consultation. I have been back about attic in the past but it has been a long time I am over 60 and very obese I left a set a rig using Ginger compresses to relieve the swelling caused by a diva I need to lose about 100 pounds I have also been dealing with some high blood sugar I have been taking Metformin for a bit and would like to be off all medication. are you located in the US? If so how much are consultations ? Are used to live in New England and studied with Ed and Wendy Esko and others during the 1980s.

    • Hi Barbara, I am based in Ireland. If you are interested you could purchase my on line weight loss course withe 10 cooking class videos and educational tutorials. Great success around the world with this easy to follow programme. Wishing you the best, Marlene.

  10. Hi. I had back issues sciatica. Diagnosed disc protrusion L5 / S1 . Would this ginger remedy help my back?

  11. I’m wondering if this is safe to do during pregnancy (very early second trimester) due to the toxins being flushed into the bloodstream?

    • I would not recommend using a ginger compress during pregnancy.

  12. Hello…
    Can this ginger compress therapy be used for IGA nephropathy in improving the kidney function. I have nomal bp, normal blood sugar , no swelling. And I have 2+ protenuria.

    • Hi Vandana – the ginger compress is a wonderful therapeutic remedy when used in conjunction with a diet free of meat dairy fish and eggs. The relaxed state of the tissue will increase blood flow. I cannot comment on specific disease unless a full health consultation has been followed, and I have the full health history of the client.

    • Hi Vandana
      I am also in same condition.please let me know if you find any good treatment for IGAN

  13. Can this help in Irritable bowle sundrome ??
    I suffer a lot from this ailment and tryed many medications with no help !

    • Yes, helps greatly but you must completely remove all animal foods, meat, fish, eggs and dairy from your diet. Follow all the recipes in my book Macrobiotics for All Seasons. IBS will be a thing of the past when you change your diet to a wholefoods plant based one. In good health, Marlene.

  14. Question, does this help with belly fat?

    • Ginger compress assists in the break down of fat when you follow my instructions on eating a whole food plant diet. Use the medicinal tea in my book page 68 dried daikon tea, wonderful for helping the reduction of fat in the cells. Dry skin brushing is also a super home remedy for belly fat, you will find the blog on my website.

  15. Hi everybody,
    I have a kidney stones of 1.8cm.
    I would like to know f taking ginger orally will help dissolve the kidney stones. Please help me and also tell me any remedy for kidney stones.
    Thanks so much.
    Please email me if you post the reply.

    • Follow the detailed instructions on my blog, external ginger compress, wholefood plant based diet is what brings health. Drinking ginger will not dissolve kidney stones.

  16. Hi, I’ve been researching for natural ways to shrink kidney cyst then I found this page. Would you be recommending the ginger compress to people with kidney cyst? Thanks

    • Hi, As it states in my article, this treatment is effective when completely changing your diet to a whole food plant based. Removing all the saturated fats from your diet via animals is important. It is also a wonderful relaxing treatment. Enjoy.

      • Thank you so much. We will try doing this.

  17. I was wondering if these compresses will help with uterine fibroids. Im looking for an alternative to surgery. Any info would be great .

    • As mentioned in my article I use this compress on clients with uterine fibroids. Eggs, heavy animal foods, hard baked foods, and excessive salt can all contribute to this build up, especially in combination with sugar and concentrated sweeteners, dairy food, cold beverages and other extreme items, leading to ovarian cysts and fibroid tumours.Along with removing all meat and dairy from their diet clients have great success. Make the daikon tea (page 68 in my book Macrobiotics for all Seasons.
      Adopting a whole food plant based diet is the way for optimal health. Enjoy.

  18. Can I use this on my dog? He 16 and 1/2 year old lab. His bun and creatine levels are slightly elevated. He also had a fatty tissue about size of orange. I cannot have it removed due to his age. Will it work for that as well.

    • I used ginger compress on my lab’s arthritic joints, they loved it…. only time not to use ginger compress is on cancerous tumours.

  19. I am wondering if I can do this on a client who has harrington rods in her lower spine. She has too much mercury in her system and I have has success in lowering mercury using ginger compresses.

    • Hi Adrianne, I use the ginger compress on clients with scoliosis and other back issues, harrington rods wouldn’t cause any problems, the compress will simply relax the muscles and stimulate blood flow and circulation.

    • And I adore delivering this relaxing and restorative treatment to my darling’s kidneys xxx

    • You’re welcome, greetings to Nairobi.

  20. Hello Marlene, my son is 10 years old and has a kidney failure , the doctors said that the left kidney is with missing parenchyma, the function of the other one is not fully and someday he will need kidney transplantation. Can I use of a ginger compress to stimulate the blood flow in the kidney and help to avoid dialysis. I can’t buy the book, we are from Bulgaria, but I need your suggestion. Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Milena
      Sorry to hear about your son’s kidney failure. As long as he does not have any fever then gentle stimulation with the ginger compress will cause no harm.

      Amazon ship my book worldwide, here is the link,

      If you manage to buy a copy please follow the recipes in the Winter section which are all strengthening for the kidneys, the teas, soups and sea vegetable dishes particularly the azduki beans, kidney beans, and as I don’t know what type of diet he is eating please keep any animal food to a minimum and focus on lots of wholegrain dishes with beans and vegetables to create strong blood and if animal food is used, white meat fish is best.
      Marlene x

  21. Have you used the ginger compress on tumours in the lungs. Would that be dangerous?

    Regards Brian Dodds

    • Hi Brian
      We do not recommended the use of a ginger compress on tumours unless we have a full client history. A consultation can be done via Skype. Marlene.

  22. Hello, I have a question regering uterine fibroids. Where skall I apply the compress? Front or backside of the body? And when in the cyclys? After, during or before the period? Is there anything I should take extra care of? Thank you in advance. Mandra

    • Place the ginger compress on the abdomen – avoid during menstruation, do in between cycles. Avoid all animal, dairy and sugar, eat a wholefoods plant based diet and follow the seasonal recipes and educational material in my book. Regards, Marlene

      • Thank you Marlene for the information, I’ll try it out. Sounds promising!
        With kind regards, Mandra

  23. Willie has stage 3 kidney disease caused by hypertension left uncontroled over a 15-year period of time. I would like a rundown of foods to avoid and those foods that will lead to a more healthy future and help to avoid dialysis. Let me hear your response.

    • I replied to the other message regarding a dietary approach for kidney disease. Follow all the recipes in my book as suggested. Plant based diets are the key to health and longevity.

  24. I need to learn more about a proper diet to increase functions of the kidneys. Using the ginger copress sounds promising, but I also need information on a proper diet to allign with these treatments, so that the whole process benefits to the max. My kidney function is at about 1/2 of fully functioning. Let me hear from you.

    • Adopt a plant based diet for kidney health. Excess protein from animal foods are harmful to overall health. Elevated levels of protein can also cause kidney damage, liver problems, kidney stones, excess fat gain, contribute to the damaging of the lining of artery walls, lead to plaque build-up in arteries, result in lethargy, diminish bone density, and cause a host of other health problems. My book ‘Macrobiotics for all Seasons’ is available on amazon world wide. Read the educational chapters. There are over 200 plant based recipes there to enjoy. The ginger compress is explained on page 192 in my book also.

  25. I love ginger. I use it in smoothies, in juices and literally two minutes ago I suggested ginger tea to a friend who is feeling like a summer flu is coming on!

    • Great website you have Susan, bright and vibrant, just what the world needs. Currently putting together my Weight Loss Natures Way Course to sell on line so have my darling hubby shooting 10 videos of me cooking!! all good fun though. x

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