Macrobiotic Health Coach Course Galway, Ireland

Macrobiotic Health Coach Course Galway, Ireland

Macrobiotic Health Coach Course Galway, Ireland

Macrobiotic Health Coach Course Galway, Ireland

Bill and I are delighted to be offering our courses and workshops in yet another country and look forward to welcoming many of you from around the world to this beautiful part of Ireland where organic produce and natural foods are in abundance.

As always, throughout the course, the food is delicious, the lectures inspirational and the educational content is loved by all our students. There are around 500 pages of life changing material in our students journals, packed with everything you need to create a long healthy life for you and your family and set up your business as a Macrobiotic Health Coach.

We strongly believe that we all have the capacity to change our lives.  It’s our daily diet and lifestyle that predicts health or disease.

We are currently running our course from Seashore Cottage, on Galway Bay, and the most stunning location and accommodation can be booked at nearby Weir Haven or other local B&B’s all in walking distance to us.

Weir Haven, Galway, Ireland

Weir Haven, Galway, Ireland

Please log onto the Weir Haven website.  A special rate is available for our students.

Option I This course commences: Saturday 11th November, Graduation 23rd November, 2017 for those of you who wish to take the two week intensive.

Option II – Take week one only which is nutrition based with 7 cooking classes. This is a very popular choice as many want to take this course for their own personal development and to disease proof their families.  You will depart well equipped with all the latest nutritional science on cancer and other disease prevention to create a way of life that sustains health and longevity. 85% of all non-communicable diseases are related to diet and lifestyle.  Strong blood creates a strong immune system.  Change your diet, change your life.

Slide3Option III  Take week one in October and week two in April 2017 to graduate as a Macrobiotic Health Coach.  This option works well for those who do not have a two week window are more local, however as you can appreciate those travelling from all over the world take the two week programme.

Our Students Journals - 12 Modules

Our Students Journals – 12 Modules

All of our students tell us that this course is the most incredible value for money.  Not only with the abundance of delicious food, snacks, teas that are served daily but the educational content with over 500 pages of tutorials they tell us is not a two week course but a life learning journal.

“Bill and Marlene share their life’s work freely with all their students”.  I have been on many course over the years and this one beats them all hands down for value.” Helen King, Surrey. 

Be part of the swell in Macrobiotics and Vegan living.  History should be our guide and as you will know, science now continues to validate history and is one of the many reasons I am continuing to post my weekly series on Marlene & Friends in the hope that it bridges the gap and all become one.

Please email me to register and secure your place for our course.   Bill and I recently completed our course here in Glasgow with 6 more ‘lighthouses’ being switched on around the globe with students from Malaysia, U.K. Norway, USA and Saudi Arabia.   We look forward to working with you all in Ireland and wish a warm welcome to students from around the world.

In good health

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  1. Hi can you forward me the different course sand cost of each course.
    Many thanks

    • Morning Christine, I will email you the syllabus and details now, hope you can join us in October. Marlene x

  2. Hi Marlene. Im intetested in the health experience in Galway 20th to 22nd of Aug. Can u give me a price on these 3 days . Sounds like a great course. Big hugs Louise Gray

    • Hi Louise, we are here teaching in Galway..its stunning. The course is 550euros for the programme breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, teas, books and journal. Accommodation is not included but there are fabulous places nearby. I will ask Kathleen the owner for prices. Hope u can join us. Love Marlene X

  3. Does the above price include accommodation? Thank you

    • Hi Helen, the price is for the course only, includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, teas and workbooks and journals.
      Hope you can join us. Marlene x

  4. I’m definitely interested. I can’t find prices anywhere…


    • Hi Lynda course price is £2975 will email u the syllabus when I am home later today xx hope u can make it would be lovely to have u as our student X Marlene

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