Francisco Varatojo Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Francisco Varatojo Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Francisco Varatojo Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Francisco Varatojo Appearing on Marlene & Friends

In 1987 Francisco Varatojo, together with his wife Eugenia founded the Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal, one of the biggest and most successful schools in the world for macrobiotics and natural health.

Instituto Macrobiotico de Portugal is Bill and I’s second home.  Over the last decade we have had tremendous fun teaching there on the international courses and in actual fact the Varatojo’s are more like our family than our colleagues.  The love and warmth that exudes from the Institute is simply incredible.

Francisco’s main interests lie in the application of the macrobiotic principles in the areas of natural healing and resolution of social problems.  He is a powerful presenter and speaks to the Portuguese nation often via television interviews.

Francisco’s message about our younger generation may be shocking to many but the truth of the matter is that at health counselling sessions we are seeing children who are becoming sick at such a young age. People must waken up and address the fact that we are living in a time where parents will see their children die.  Many children have cholesterol levels of over 300 !!! I sometimes feel I am living in a science fiction movie, seriously.  So much suffering, all so unnecessary.

Francisco is an incredible force in the world who has been teaching for decades and I am confident that his passion for improving the harmful, wasteful and unsustainable life of the twenty-first century modern human being will happen.  When we are trusted, respected and needed, we can’t fail.

Check out the website to see the host of different programmes the institute offers and enrol in one of their courses whilst having a wonderful holiday at the same time in the beautiful city of Lisbon.

In good health


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