Dr. T Colin Campbell Appearing On Marlene & Friends

Dr. T Colin Campbell Appearing On Marlene & Friends

Over the past three years I have been working with a T.V. Production company on a Marlene T.V. Series.  All of my friends and colleagues in these upcoming short interviews were delighted to be featured in my programme. The T.V. Production company love the whole concept of the programmes that I wrote but the major channels will not push out against anything that is detrimental to the ‘food industry’ (i.e. meat and dairy).  Time therefore, to share this ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ via my own network with Marlene & Friends.

Colin Campbell

Dr. T. Colin Campbell Appearing On Marlene & Friends

My first guest is my friend and fellow Scot, Dr.T. Colin Campbell who is the world’s most recognized nutritionist and an opponent of the big food industries; Dr. Campbell’s research has focused on how eating protein, and especially dairy protein, encourages cancer growth.

Huge marketing efforts by the meat and dairy industries have continued to convince us that calcium, iron and protein are required in large quantities for animal products.  Common plant foods fully meet our calcium, protein and iron needs. No supplementation required either, but that’s another story from another ‘bogus’ industry.  The only supplement I take is B12.

The China Study

Dr. Campbell’s principal scientific interests, which began with his graduate training in the late 1950’s, has been on the effects of nutritional status on long term health. He has spent decades working on national and international food and health policies, and publishing hundreds of scientific papers. Dr. Campbell is best known for his research in rural China and Taiwan and the publication of The China Study, which The New York Times called “the Grand Prix of Human Epidemiology.” The book, The China Study, by Dr. Campbell and his son Thomas M. Campbell II, is an international best seller. His other books Whole – Rethinking the Science of Nutrition and The Low Carb Fraud are also international best sellers. Visit his website at:

Please share these series of Marlene & Friends interviews with friends and family. The information from each of these videos are simply life saving. Education and raising consciousness is the only way to change the health of the world.  See you at the revolution!

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  1. Someone says that vegan can be deficient in iron,that the bio availability of the iron in plant foods is much lower than in animal foods.Please Marlene tell me your opinion about that,and some advice how vegans can increase absorption from plants.
    Thank you 🙂 <3

    • The healthiest iron is non-heme iron, found naturally in abundance in whole grains, beans, split peas, chickpeas, and lentils, dark green leafy vegetables, dried fruits, and nuts and seeds.
      It is commonly thought that those who eat plant-based diets may be more prone to iron deficiency, but it turns out that they’re no more likely to suffer from iron deficiency anemia than anybody else. This may be because not only do those eating meat-free diets tend to get more fibre, and magnesium, and vitamins like A, C, and E, they also get more iron. But the iron found in plants is non-heme iron.
      Those eating meat-free diets don’t get any of the heme iron found in blood and muscle, which may be a good thing. The avoidance of heme iron may be one of the key elements of plant-based protection against metabolic syndrome, and may also be beneficial in lowering heart disease risk. If you eat a balanced healthy vegan diet there is no problem. Anything to the contrary you are reading is from a source who promotes a meat based diet.

      • Thank you for your answer it is very helpful.

  2. Great interview, Marlene – so keen and full of inspiring ideas! Thank you 🙂

    • Yes Colin Campbell rocks… he is one of my favourite humans on the planet… love him. x

  3. Marlene – you are fabulous thank you for sharing your passion! You are and have always been such an inspiration to me. Can’t wait to see more interviews that was brilliant – thank you x

    • Thanks Josephine glad u enjoyed it. Sharing the passion is key to growth, each of us has our own theory but for me it’s not about who is right or wrong in terms of plant based guidelines…my mission is to get the world moving away from eating all of our beloved animals and that includes the ocean too. Great interviews coming up on that very subject xx ????

  4. Brilliant interview! I didn’t realise he has an online course, will check it out! I love the Scottish music too!

    • Bill is the best editor…ha ha and popped in some bagpipes!! must get Scotland moving, sickest country in Europe.

  5. A really excellent interview Marlene.
    Very well done and keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Bernadette, hope all well in Dublin. 22 more interviews coming your way… enjoy them and thanks for taking the time to drop me a note. Marlene x

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