Dr. Nandita Shah Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Dr. Nandita Shah Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Dr. Nandita Shah Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Dr. Nandita Shah Appearing on Marlene & Friends

A staggering 30% of the population in India now has diabetes AND 3 out of 4 Indians are dying today from “preventable” lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc? However, my friend and fellow vegan Dr. Nandita Shah is making inroads into changing the health of her country and works tirelessly to make this happen.

Dr. Nandita Shah is the Founder, Director, and a trustee of SHARAN. She founded SHARAN in 2005 with the vision of helping people connect to animals and nature in order to heal themselves and the planet. Dr. Shah first became vegan because of ethical issues. She says, “I became a doctor to reduce suffering and when I became aware of the tremendous suffering that we inflict on fellow creatures used for food, I had to make the connection.” You will find great inspirational stories on the website

Did you know that we are the first generation expected to live less than our grandparents?

Did you know that many more people are suffering from pain, discomfort and being prescribed medications at younger ages than ever before in history as a direct consequence of their food and lifestyle choices?

SHARAN has been working for many years in the area of preventing and reversing lifestyle diseases through food and nutrition. No medicines, no surgery, no gimmicks, no expensive supplements, just some simple, scientific information, tips and practices about what to avoid and how to prepare your food to retain more fibre and nutrition. Everyone can learn to do this and become their own doctor and lead a healthier and happier life.

I am so blessed to have so many incredible friends and colleagues around the world doing what we all do best, sharing with the world that health is everything and without health everything is nothing.

In good health

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