Dr. Martha Cottrell Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Dr. Martha Cottrell Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Dr. Martha Cottrell Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Dr. Martha Cottrell Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Following on from last weeks interview with Dr. James Loomis, Medical Director of Barnard Medical Centre, this weeks incredible guest is 88 years young and still a pioneer in Macrobiotics and natural healthcare.

The incredible ‘Doc Maggie’ with her bright and beautiful energy will share with you all her 33 years of teaching Macrobiotics within her medical practice.  Dr. Cottrell is a graduate of the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania and became board certified in Family Medicine. Her knowledge and commitment to world health and peace characterize a woman of courage and strength who lives her life with hope, passion, positivity, and humour.

Dr. Cottrell served as Director of Student Health Services at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) located in NYC and conducted a private practice focused on health promotion.

From 1984-1987, she was the clinical coordinator and medical consultant for the AIDS Research Project in conjunction with Boston University School of Medicine, Department of Microbiology and the Kushi Institute of Boston, studying the effects of macrobiotics as alternative therapy for AIDS.  In 1986, this study was presented at the International Conference on AIDS in Paris, in collaboration with Michio Kushi, leading authority on the macrobiotic approach to health. Doc Maggie also presented this work in the Republic of Congo, Africa, by government invitation.

Last year, Dr. Cottrell provided the forward to the booklet titled, “Eating Animals:  Would George Ohsawa and Michio Kushi Be Vegan Today?  On my read, this work (available through the non-profit press, Planetary Health, Inc., 413-623-0012) is beautifully written, genuinely on the money, and a valuable resource for those who wish to think through dietary choices.  I would encourage all of you to purchase this booklet and ask friends to do the same.

While retired from medical practice, Doc Maggie continues to teach and counsel in women’s health, the immune system, the environment, family health, as well as many health care issues considered controversial by so many.  You can find out more about Doc Maggie on the KI Website

In good health

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  1. Dr. MAGGIE is so inspiring..lynn and I are going to start studying macrobiotic to seek a more healthy body , mind and spirit. We are already blessed, but having met Dr. MAGGIE, and seen and felt her so spirited and loving way, we know we can do better. Thanks for the share Maggie.

    • Yes Irene, Doc Maggie sure is a gift to the world. Thanks for writing. Enjoy what the day brings.

  2. Incredible interview!!! <3
    Two inspiring ladies.Thank you

    • Maggie is amazing thanks Jelena
      will let her know u enjoyed her interview X

  3. What a fabulous interview! Dr. Maggie is one of the most inspiring speakers I have heard in a long time. I love her clarity, her passion, her humanity, her humor, her dedication and her wisdom. How can I hear more from this amazing woman? I’m going to try to get to the Kushi Institute this summer to meet her, if I can swing the schedule. Thank you for bringing this bright light to our attention. And please tell her she really does need to write that book!

    • Thanks Elizabeth I will be sure to tell Dr. Maggie you will hopefully join here at the KI in summer. Marlene x

  4. Yes, Maggie is a joy and a fabulous girlfriend… love her to bits. So fortunate to have so many fantastic friends Tracy. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Marlene xx

  5. Another wonderful interview Marlene . . . . .I love Dr Cottrell ? . . . . .what an amazing lady . . . .sharp, funny and spirited and boy does she look fantastic for her age – she looks at least 20 years younger! Testament to a healthy lifestyle!
    Thank you for introducing us to so many of your amazing friends. xxx

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