Dr. John Kelly Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Dr. John Kelly Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Dr. John Kelly Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Dr. John Kelly

Another revolutionary friend Dr. John Kelly, a G.P. from Dublin and the author of the fantastic and much needed book ‘Stop Feeding Your Cancer’ is my guest this week on Marlene & Friends.

In this ground breaking book Dr Kelly presents convincing evidence, based on the experience of his own patients, which shows that cancer can be stopped in its tracks and even reversed into a dormant state, allowing sufferers to regain good health and lead normal lives.

The core of this approach is the discovery a decade ago (please refer to The China Study) of a direct link between the consumption of animal protein and the development of cancer. Cancer cells need protein to divide and flourish. Cut off the supply of animal protein and you can stop the growth and spread of cancer cells.


Stop Feeding Your CancerChina studyWhat Dr. Kelly has done is put those findings into use in his own practice over the past nine years and document the results; He is the first GP to do so in this part of the world and for that I have huge admiration, love and respect for him.

Our mutual friend  Professor T. Colin Campbell’s revolutionary work established the link between animal protein and cancer in such a compelling manner that it was hard to ignore. But ignore it the medical profession did, possibly because it seemed too simple an answer to what all the specialists saw as a very complex disease.

The failure of The China Study to translate research momentum into efficient, globally coordinated empirical testing is a tragedy. Why has this testing not been done?  I am sure you all know the answer to that!

Dr. John Kelly - Book Signing - Stop feeding Your Cancer

Dr. John Kelly – Book Signing – Stop feeding Your Cancer

However, in the words of the late great Nelson Mandela; “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

There are another 20 fantastic interviews with friends and colleagues from around the world coming up. One delivered weekly to your inbox.

All of these pioneers promoting a wholefoods plant based, vegan, macrobiotic diet and lifestyle are not to be missed.

You will find details of the groundbreaking book Stop Feeding Your Cancer and can connect with Dr. Kelly via this link below.  Please share this work from these gifted souls to family, friends and colleagues.  Their lives and YOURS may depend on it.

Please Note: As you know I am a long time vegan and my message for all to Join the Revolution with Marlene & Friends In Service For A Healthy World, For Humans & Non-Humans Alike is one that does not support the use of any animals.  As Dr. Kelly discusses in the interview, he allowed small amounts of fish to be taken on occasion by his patients as they moved toward a whole food plant based diet.  Dr. Kelly’s work is of huge importance and I wanted to share with you all the incredible results he achieved with his patients.   He is a gem of a man with a huge heart.

In good health

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  1. I was wondering if Dr Kelly is still practising medicine in Sutton Cross? I live locally and would love to contact him.

    Many thanks

    • Hello Suzanne, Dr. Kelly is retired and actually I am teaching in Galway next month and hoped he would come and do a lecture during my course but he is in Europe travelling… Best wishes, Marlene x

      • Thank you so much for your reply, Marlene. Would it be possible to contact him at all by email on his return? I am desperate for help for my Dad. I will get Dr Kelly’s book for my Dad anyway. Many thanks, Suzanne

  2. Absolutely wonderful interview with Dr John Kelly. The series “Marlene & friends” is an amazing introduction to those of us who want to understand and be educated about the findings of what a “natural wholefoods plant based diet” really means. I have been blown away thus far with what I have learned! Thanks Marlene. Xx

    • Thank you so much Elaine, I will pass your thanks to Dr. Kelly, my lovely friend who is just like listening to your favourite uncle. I am delighted you are enjoy my Marlene & Friends series. Please share with family, friends and colleagues. Much appreciated. Marlene x

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