Denny Waxman Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Denny Waxman Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Denny Waxman Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Denny Waxman Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Denny Waxman is a very gifted world renowned Macrobiotic Counsellor and Teacher who has dedicated his life to the art of natural healing and does what medicine can’t.

How does he do that?  Through the Macrobiotic Diet and Lifestyle; a combination of proven practices of many long-standing civilizations and the rhythms of nature.

The wisdom behind the Macrobiotic diet and lifestyle enables healing and balance for the body at its deepest, most profound level. From this platform of vibrant physical health, it is easier to find clarity of purpose, and support for the pursuit of goals. And by achieving desired goals, and living in purpose, lives are more fulfilled.

You will not only find this interview inspiring but more importantly, the simplicity and honesty that Denny shares about life is something that we will all learn from. His explanation of what is being taught right now in epigenetics or how our genes express themselves – our environment can trigger these genes of susceptibility are (i.e. what diseases our parents had) what this science is showing is that we are sharing information with this eco system that is in our gut – so the bacteria tell our genes what to do!

In the latest book The Complete Macrobiotic Diet … Denny Waxman with Susan Waxman explains the 7 steps to look fabulous, feel vibrant, think clearly. This flexible book gives readers an invaluable resource to transform their physical and mental health.

NEW-SHI-LOGO-TRANS-BG1Denny founded the Strengthening Health Institute which he continues to co-direct with my wife Susan.  The Institute offers a host of fantastic programmes that lead individuals to lasting health.  Through the Strengthening Health Institute and his separate Counseling practice, many thousands of clients have been empowered with the ability to overcome a variety of health issues using the Macrobiotic diet and lifestyle.  Denny’s counseling practice now concentrates primarily on the major issues that dominate our society today: low energy and vigour, infertility, imminently life-threatening afflictions like cancer, type-2 diabetes, heart problems, and obesity

Denny’s blogs are always filled with the most up to date research but more than that, they are filled with countless gems of ‘common sense’. I would encourage all of you to subscribe to these wonderful newsletters.

In good health

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  1. Thanks for the great interview with Denny, Marlene. And all your interviews. Yes, we all are born with strengths and weaknesses. And epigenetics points out that it is our diet and lifestyle that keeps us well or not regardless of these inborn conditions. Denny’s teacher, the great Michio, explained this best when, tongue in cheek, he said if disease were dependent on genetics, Adam and Eve would have had cancer, or any other malady. Loved Michio… Love your work all the way from Australia!

    • Thanks Dean and your comments, yeah, me too.. adore the whole concept of genes load the gun and lifestyle pulls the trigger, simple and easy to understand, the wee ECO systems in our gut tells our DNA WHAT TO DO FOR SURE,when I see all my clients auto immune diseases miraculously!! disappear…. when I increase the good guys in their gut… just magic. Love Australia, taught all over there about a decade ago…. big hug and greetings from Scotland. Marlene x

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