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Macrobiotics for all SeasonsCancer Causes – We are all being led down a path of disease that can mostly be prevented. To make matters worse, the dietary guidelines that the NHS give to Cancer patients are filled with foods that promote cancer.  The cause of many cancers is now well documented by so many scientific studies.  The China Study by Professor Colin Campbell is the largest epidemiology study every conducted on human primates. For information on Professors Campbell’s work please click on the link This is life changing and life saving information.

We each have a responsibility to help others and spread this education far and wide. Please watch Bill’s video below and share with your family, friends and contacts.  A clear and concise message of hope needs to be presented.

I have recently launched a petition to present to the NHS regarding making changes to cancer patients food, which currently is quite frankly a disgrace.   You will see this list of foods from the cancer patient menus that Bill posted on his video.  All of the foods listed are foods that we REMOVE from clients diets.    A lady recently diagnosed with throat cancer was shocked to read these recommendations and sent the menus to us in despair.  I would kindly ask you to join forces with me and sign this petition as well as encouraging others to do the same.  Change will only come from individuals en mass who care enough to make a difference.  It will not come from the Government or the NHS or the food industry.

Here is the link to sign my petition;

Below is a note from Valerie Johnston, a lovely lady whose husband contacted Bill and I a few years ago regarding their daughters cancer.

Dear Marlene

When our little Honor was receiving 2 years of chemotherapy, we had to battle with the NHS to allow us to feed her organic natural foods. We were bullied. One of the main consultants argued with me one day saying “who would give their child Kale?” They wanted her to be tube fed with a milk bulking ‘drink’ – once home we would swap this drink to puréed avocado, kale, and lots of veggies. She always put on weight and did well. In hospital they refused to let me feed her and she spent the time vomiting.  To give you a quick insight into what you are dealing with…Honors nutritionist had been ill for a week, when I asked how she was, she replied, ‘oh nothing that a few cans of Irn Bru can’t fix’.   I could write a book on the diet that’s given on the children’s cancer words and the treatment too.  I was told, “people that are unusual” !! (you can fill in the gap Marlene) I am sure you hear it all the time.  What a wonderful job you are doing Marlene Watson-Tara, one day I will enrol and study your Macrobiotic Health Coach Programme with yourself and Bill.

If you want to be healthy, change your diet.  When the leading causes of death, such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and many cancers can often be prevented or treated through diet changes, it is difficult to believe that medical students go through their entire years of studies with only a few hours of nutritional education.

VerneTo ignore the bulk of literature you have to ignore all the major studies that show an increase in disease and death from low carbohydrate diets (i.e. lacking in wholegrains, vegetables, beans etc.,)  In this past year in particular, both Bill and I have seen an increase in contact from clients who book in for health counselling.  All of them have been diagnosed with many forms of cancer, my brother included.

We have no desire to be Doctors but what we do with gusto is to teach people how to nourish their blood which is a foundational way to prevent and reverse disease.  We create dietary/lifestyle programmes for each of them that reduces the inflammation, boosts the immune system and helps the body to regain homeostasis.  The results can be astounding.


Inflammation is in fact the body’s response to injury. If you injure your body the normal healing reaction from the body is to swell and become inflamed, it’s the result of repeated injury. The source of repeated injury that we see today from the diseases we suffer from is the result of a diet rich in animal protein, fats and sugar. A diet rich in excess. These are the very foods are advocated by the NHS to cancer patients. To stop the inflammation, you stop the injury, healing occurs and many times the disease is reversed; it’s nature’s way – it is the natural response to the body TO HEAL… To heal therefore, you have to stop the repeated injury; change your diet to one of whole natural plant based foods.

I would encourage every household to purchase a copy of our friend Verne Verona’s ground breaking book, ‘Nature’s Cancer Fighting Foods’.   It is based on solid foundation of the healing properties of good nutrition.  Grounded in documented research from leading medical institutions along with studies of the world’s healthiest populations, Verne’s book provides detailed diet and lifestyle modifications that will reinforce the body’s immunity and reduce cell damage to an absolute minimum. Verne studied Oriental medicine and Macrobiotics in the 70’s.  He is based in New York and has counselled and educated thousands of people around the globe for over 40 years.  His revised version has been recently launched and is available in paperback or kindle;.

Please help me help all of you by making inroads to this life saving change to dietary recommendations. Supporting my campaign CAN make this happen.

In good health





  1. Hi Marlene,I very much appreciated Bill’s video. I live in Luxembourg, but the food that’s served here in the hospitals to cancer patients is exactly the same as that which is served in the UK. I accompanied a good friend of mine during the last months of her life, she was suffering from brain cancer and the food she was served in the hospital made me cringe: cold meat cuts and sweets, the worst quality sweets you can find in the discount markets. And the daily menus were decided by a nutritionist!!! I don’t know how a person who is bombarded by chemo and strong painkillers could ever be expected to get better when given that kind of food.
    Food in hospitals is a real nightmare and I wonder how I would be able to survive if I ever land in hospital…
    I’m Italian and I must say that in Italy the situation is somewhat different; of course you’re not given brown rice and bancha tea in hospital, but you’re served vegetables,boiled potatoes, rice or semolina, and as desserts you usually get fruit or plain biscuits…Not the ideal diet, but certainly better than the one you get here. Keep up the good work!

    • Morning Rita, Greetings from Scotland. Thank you for your comments from Bill and I. We are creating a series of short videos for this and our Human Ecology Project we will launch later this year. And yes, it is shocking what ‘nutritionists’ call food!!!! I won’t give up trying to contribute towards change. Thanks for signing my petition, please share if you can with as many possible, the target is 100,000 for September 4th, I am nearly at 1,000 but as eternal optimist I live in hope. Love Marlene x

  2. “the choice is yours – we get to create the life that we want to create
    and we better start doing it!” too right bill tara!

    • And that is the truth of the matter Helen, the world is turning into big babies, they want the health but they don’t want to change their dietary/lifestyle habits. xx See you September for Lever 2 x

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