Bill Tara Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Bill Tara Appearing on Marlene & Friends

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William Wallace (Bill) Tara

Bill Tara has been teaching Macrobiotics since 1968.   He has been a beacon of light in the world educating and sharing the philosophy of Macrobiotics in over 25 countries.  His incredible commitment to making a difference in society by teaching that the modern diet is the direct cause of the rise of degenerative diseases and the ruination of the planet is his focus.

The modern diet is a primary cause of increased pollution of the environment by inefficient harmful practices in farming and the meat and dairy industry in particular. The combination of these factors influence greatly the rise of cost in health care systems and contributes to the problems of adequate food supplies to the poor and the needless and cruel slaughter of billions of animals. It is for these reasons that Bill has continued being a pioneer and shares his passion through his seminars and workshops.

With five decades of experience under his belt Bill is an incredibly gifted health counsellor and has reversed disease in literally thousands of people around the world.  His teaching of The 5  Transformations of Energy are loved by all who study with him.

Rather than myself waxing lyrical about the work Bill has done in the world I asked a great friend and colleague to comment who is America’s Healthy Cooking Teacher and this is what she has this to say about Bill Tara.

I met Bill Tara 25 years ago when I was making a lifestyle change. Through his teaching and mentoring I became a teacher myself and through his continued counsel and friendship found my own voice and the way to speak my own truth. It has served me well in my life. Bill changed the way I see the world and for that I have the deepest love and gratitude for him. No one should miss the opportunity to experience study with him.  Christina Pirello Cookbook author and Emmy Award winner for her T.V. Series ‘Christina Cooks’

You can connect with Bill via his website on  read some of the fantastic articles he writes and follow his inspiring and educational videos on you tube.

In good health



  1. Marlene,
    it was so refreshing to hear you talk! your passion and commitment to the planet and it’s people,is inspiring…
    your interaction with Bill is so fun too!
    many thanks

    • Many thanks Maureen for taking the time to drop a note to me, our Life Learning Centre will open soon, excited to have students come from around the world to study with us. Marlene. x

  2. Hi at last managed to watch your interview with Bill, really enjoyed it . Always direct and to the point thank goodness it’s so refreshing. When you know the truth you have to speak it and both you and Bill do that very well.
    I’m very grateful to have studied macrobiotic with you both and I’m now living it and feeling the benefits .
    Thanks Karen x

    • It was a delight and our pleasure to have you as our student. Good to hear from you Karen and delighted you watched the video, my series of Marlene & Friends will now run for most of the year, 30 interviews with world leaders to come…. look forward to seeing you soon. Love from us both.

  3. Thank you so much for this. It was very definitely inspiring. I also attended one of your demonstrations at the Glasgow Vegfest (the one where the oven didn’t work – but the miso soup was fab!) Just off to buy your book right now. I guess I’m about 80% of the way there – just need the final push. Looking forward to learning more x

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a note Catriona, good to hear you enjoyed our interview. Yes… the Vegfest event was totally unorganised not at all how I work. I am delighted to hear you’re 80% on board, good girl. Enjoy my book.
      Love Marlene x

  4. Oh my God you are both so wonderful!You are so great team together.I’m hoping to meet you both someday. 🙂
    You fill my heart with joy every time I watch your videos.

    • Thank you so much Jelena, much love to you. Bill and I look forward to meeting you sometime. So sweet of you to take the time to leave us a message. xxxx Marlene and Bill x

    • Many thanks Frans x Marlene

  5. Wonderful interview, so much information. I miss you both so much. I was so sad when it ended. I really enjoyed listening to you both discuss all those extremely valid points, people really need to hear this. I hope you continue to do your amazing work in the world. We are all so grateful to you both, you have changed countless lives. Shame on Jonathan Ross for not at the very least giving your comments some thought. I hope he reconsiders before he makes himself ill. Can’t wait to hear your next one. Love to you both. Diane xxx

    • Thanks so much Diane for taking the time to leave such lovely comments. People can only hear what they want to hear so let’s hope many open their ears and share this life changing information. In this generation PARENTS will watch their CHILDREN die of non-communicable disease…. that is so not the order of nature and life……..omg, if that is not enough to make you sit up and change your diet and lifestyle I don’t know what is. Children are fed so much junk and diabetes continues to SOAR WORLD WIDE….. I continue my quest for change for all. Love to you from us both xxx Marlene

  6. Great interview, I didn’t want it to end! You are so right about talking about a vegan/plant based/macrobiotic diet more! You are both so inspiring!

    • Thanks Kaye, glad you enjoyed, have some fabulous friends around the world coming up every week…. stay tuned xx

  7. oh my God that was so amazing what a pair you are everyone is going to love this

    • Thanks so much Claire, so lovely to hear comments from around the world. We must all keep pushing out together and bring some sort of sense and sensibility back to our world for future generations.
      Love from us both, Marlene and Bill xx

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