7 Days Weight Loss Diet Plan

Seven days weight loss

Seven Days To Weight Loss My Client Before; Obese, Sick & Unhappy

Seven days weight loss

Seven Days To Weight Loss – After 16 Weeks 36 lbs weight loss

7 Days Weight Loss Diet Plan

I am always delighted to share with you good news from clients around the world.  I am having wonderful success with so many who have embarked on my 7 days to weight loss nature’s way on line course.  Around the globe people are in their kitchens making my fantastic weight loss teas and meals. They love the cooking class videos and feel it’s like having me in their own kitchen.

For many decades I have worked with men and women from many countries who have health issues and weight problems.   Within 7 days of commencing with Weight Loss Nature’s Way you will start to see and feel the weight drop off as you head towards your goal. People equate this to having me as a personal counsellor guiding them through all the wonderful easy to follow recipes and weight loss teas.

My weight loss course is designed around balancing the hormones.  Hormonal imbalance causes all sorts of health problems and weight issue is the number one culprit.

Dieting is Out – Healthy Eating is In – That’s my mantra to you all.  When you remove nutritional stress, address the energetic imbalances and understand that all extremes require balance, you are on your way to a life of eating delicious plant based food whilst sustaining a healthy weight.   My weight loss teas will stimulate the body’s natural ‘fat burning’ mechanism and switch you into ‘fat burning’ mode.


“Private Tuition in Your Own Kitchen” – 10 Video Cooking Classes to help you prepare healthy weight loss meals and teas in your own kitchen. You will learn to make soups; main dishes and even desserts that can move your hormonal weight loss switch to the on position. Each class is between 15 and 20 minutes in length. Each cooking class is complimented with Recipe Sheets you can print out for home use.

Over 200 pages of Illustrated Tutorials that will help you understand the mechanics of weight loss that is natural, effective and sustainable. Your tutorials address such subjects as the role of hormonal balance in weight loss, creating a nutritious diet using plant based foods, a 21 day meal plan, shopping lists and much more.

10 Bonus Health Tip Articles ranging from how to create healthy skin to improving digestion

A Ten Minute Workout Session you can follow at home to maximise flexibility and vitality


Weight Loss Nature’s Way is not simply about taking off the pounds, you can starve yourself and achieve that! My program is about creating a sustainable way of eating that can last a lifetime without being hungry and most importantly – improving your health in the process.

Please watch my short video here with a full explanation of Weight Loss Nature’s Way

I look forward to guiding you all on the path to a slim, energetic and most importantly, healthy body.

In good health








  1. Hello Marlene

    I am interested in the Coaching Programme in Glasgow and also Weight loss the natural way.

    Please can you send me details of both by email and the cost.

    My phone number is 01436 842961 if you need to speak to me

    Best wishes

    Kathy Black

    • Hi Kathy, Thanks for your enquiry, I will email you the syllabus for our coaching programme now. Weight Loss Nature’s Way is simply purchased from my website. Full details are on the video. Best wishes, Marlene.

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