Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. Appearing on Marlene & Friends

Caldwell Esselstyn

My Guest today on Marlene & Friends Dr. Caldwell B.Esselstyn Jr, an internationally known surgeon, researcher and clinician at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, will share with us how heart disease can be prevented, reversed and even ABOLISHED.  Dr. Esselstyn, a former Olympic rowing champion. is the author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, which argues for a low-fat, whole foods, plant-based diet.

Twenty-three years ago, while chairman of the Cleveland Clinic’s Breast Cancer Task Force,  he grew disappointed in the way he and his colleagues were treating cancer and heart disease. This was particularly frustrating given that research studies had already suggested an obvious culprit. The fatty American diet was, in all likelihood, responsible for heart disease and many Western cancers.

Targeting heart disease, Dr. Esselstyn’s experiment started at home. He and his wife Ann adopted a plant-based diet, cutting out oil, meat, fish, fowl and dairy. They are truly unique and known for their personal approach supporting and sharing food and recipes with their patients.

As Doctor Esselstyn says “It means a lot to patients to know their doctor is making the same changes they are,” studies show a craving for fat diminishes the less fat one eats, and since patients have hundreds of recipes from which to choose, the doctor and his heart patients have grown comfortable with their routine over time.  How amazing is that?  Simply one of the many reasons why I simply adore the work they both do.

You will find details of Dr. Esselstyn’s books, dvd’s and other information about his incredible work on his website at – He is truly a gift to the world. Please share Dr. Esselstyn’s work with family, friends and help grow his life-saving message across the planet.  Dr. Esselstyn’s work is featured in the feature film Forks Over Knives that examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods.  Knowledge is Power.

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  1. Thank you Marlene for this wonderful interview. I am just a few weeks in to a WFPB diet for healing my rheumatoid arthritis and your Facebook page and interviews like these are soooooo good for keeping me on track. Loving Dr Esselstyn 🙂 He seems so kind and ‘down to earth’. Would love him to be my doctor! I first came across you on the Living Vegan Vibrantly Facebook page 🙂 Thank you for all you do xx

    • Thank you Patricia, so glad you enjoyed the interview and congratulations on moving your life to one of health through diet and lifestyle. Way to go. Look forward to hearing of your regression, it will happen… Love Marlene x

      • Thank you for your note through email – so very kind of you – no notifications come through to say you have replied via this page 😉 I was vegetarian a long time ago but not a healthy one – went back to eating meat but my heart couldn’t take it. I feel so much better emotionally now i am not eating animal products and of course it will help my health too. Made easier because now i have found people like you to guide me. Hopefully, one day you will be able to host a seminar we can all come to! I used to live in Scotland when i was a young woman and loved it – my best friend is Scottish too – you have a beautiful homeland. Sending love and hugs to you and for your kindness xx

  2. Fantastic work you doing Marlene,i get very inspired of Marlene & Friends i will try to get it available to my costumer in my restaurants and programs.

    • Thanks Marie, when I did the first interview with Colin Campbell, we laughed so much at his story about still shovelling ‘manure’ (being polite) at his age, as we all do, those who teach this work…We need to foster in this world a more compassionate view within the hearts of individuals, motivated by the idea that what we do in this life matters so sharing these interviews with your customers is the way we all keep spreading the message, they can sign up for my weekly newsletter on my website so they will receive the weekly interviews, 22 of them coming up with some wonderful souls who teach Macrobiotics, plant based, vegan, I even interviewed Mr. Tara ha ha, that was fun. Hope all well in Sweden and business is booming. love to you and your boys xxx

  3. Hi Marlene, I very much enjoyed watching the video with Dr Esselstyn! I feel videos are a fantastic way to put across messages in a lively and educational way. So I really applaud your work!
    Like Ronda, I’m also confused about the no oil advice, especially as so many other therapists/researchers are saying we do need to eat more fat/oil.

    • Hi Jo, bless, thanks so much… have Dr. John McDougall up next…. posting one a week, out of 22… so will hopefully keep everyone engaged and help them towards changing their lives.. Love Marlene x

    • Hi Rita, As I said to Ronda, everyone has their own theory. I am promoting all of my friends and colleagues who do amazing work in their own way, each having their own principles.

      I follow the principles of a Macrobiotic diet, my studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a vegan lifestyle. I don’t eat a VEGAN diet per se… because many vegans use so many processed foods and loads of sugary desserts…..and loads of OIL…. but Yes, I am 100% vegan. I don’t adhere to every principle that Macrobiotics promote… but overall I live a Macrobiotic lifestyle……I have only ever used oil, occasionally but this is always something I have done, not because the Doctors are saying don’t use oil will I change. I feel fantastic, I have incredible energy, health, no aches, pains, so I think we all have to assess our own situation and do what we feel is right for us at any given time.

      The ancient wisdom of our ancestors, the philosophy that is lived by in places around the world where people live the longest healthiest lives (the blue zones) that I will be visiting when I eventually get the Marlene T.V. Series happening… these people eat a diet with moderate amounts of oil on occasion, they all eat fish on occasion…. so it’s down to cut oil out of your diet, check in and see how you feel…. does it feel good to you? Of course, anyone I counsel with any form of illness, digestive issues etc., etc., I take them all off oil. I hope that helps.
      Marlene x

  4. Great,great,great :),I’m looking forward to new Marlene and Friends videos….so great, very good job :).
    Thank you for this.

    • Thanks Jelena, 22 interviews coming from me… one a week…. some wonderful friends and colleagues around the world sharing their passion for life. Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment. Love Marlene x

  5. Loved it Marlene, its like looking forward to your favourite soap every day. Cant wait for the next one x

    • Hi Jo, bless, thanks so much… have Dr. John McDougall up next…. posting one a week, out of 22… so will hopefully keep everyone engaged and help them towards changing their lives.. Love Marlene x

  6. Thank you for sharing your interviews. They are great affirmations for eating whole food plant based!
    I do have a question for you. Dr Esselstyn recommends not consuming oil. Some of your recipes include the use of oil. What are your thoughts on oil consumption?

    • Hi Ronda, good question!
      Bill and I have always removed oil for our clients programmes (obviously) they come to us with many health issues. However, in our own diet we use oil sparingly, always have done. When you eat a whole food plant based diet it is so clean and vitalising…. for example I use Tahini, Ann Esselstyn doesn’t! and so on and so forth…

      Dr. Esselstyn quotes many cultures around the world who live the longest healthier lives, for example; the Okinawans (Japan) who follow a macrobiotic diet..and even use fish sparingly. However, my mission is to push out and contribute to building a world wide vegan message. No animals for use and I hope you will enjoy the interview coming up with Professor Gary L. Francione on his abolitionist approach.

      Dr. Ess is such a ‘gem’ I adore his work and I am sharing 22 interviews with my friends and colleagues from around the world who all have their own views and don’t always agree. Next up is Dr. John McDougall who told me GMO’s don’t concern him, whereas for us, Bill and I are huge activists in stopping GMOS’s they are destroying our soil…. so…… hope that helps xx

  7. Great, thanks Kaye, so simple to create good health and avoid the killer diseases….hope Elliott enjoyed my interview with Professor Colin Campbell. x

  8. Brilliant! Inspiring! Just forwarded it to my friends and family! Thank you! I’m off to chew some kale now!

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