4 Weeks to Vegan in Galway with Marlene Watson-Tara

4 Weeks to Vegan in Galway with Marlene Watson-Tara

Slide7Life is about being where you are supposed to be, right?  Well, we are once again moving country.  This time Bill and I are off to live in the beauty of Galway and will be teaching many old and new workshops and programmes in this stunning countryside.

We kick off in October with our two week Macrobiotic Health Coach course and look forward to welcoming students from Hawaii, Canada, Italy and Southern and Northern Ireland.

My own desire as always is of course to move everyone who crosses my path away from an animal based diet.  My COOKFIT workshops will commence there in the next month or so and I am delighted to see such interest in this programme.   Not only will I be putting the students and clients through their paces in the yoga studio, they will then pop next door and have a cooking class with me.

5 in 1 Mighty Bowl of Goodness

5 in 1 Mighty Bowl of Goodness

Here is this week’s delightful dish that I created to launch my Cookfit series.  I made it ahead of time ready for the clients to enjoy after their yoga session.  They then relaxed and watched me make this dish in the cooking session and now they are ‘Cookfit’ to go.

This easy to ‘assemble’ 5 in 1 Powerbowl was a winner, however, there were no second’s as they all cleaned me out!!!

I basically cooked some quinoa, peeled, cubed and roasted a sweet potato, chopped up an avocado with some salad greens, added some of my coleslaw recipe and my cranberry chutney recipes (both recipes on my website) and created this mighty bowl of goodness.

I am hugely excited to launch my other workshop series commencing soon in Galway – 4 Weeks to Vegan – Yep, that’s all it takes with me personally guiding you each Saturday about the way to health and longevity.  My programme will teach you cooking skills, plant based nutrition, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes, sauces and desserts.   You will learn 7 delicious vegan dishes at each workshop.  Menu Planning, time saving techniques and so much more is included in the 4 weeks to vegan programme. 

Please contact me for details and registration.

In good health

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  1. Way to go Marlene! It’s an amazing thing you are doing. I wish we had something like this (4 weeks to vegan) in my area in California. I would definitely be participating and bringing several family/friend members with me. Maybe my husband and I will have to come visit you guys in Galway and attend your workshop while were there. That would be an amazing trip!

    • Wonderful to hear Janice, you MUST come to Galway, it’s an amazing place and you will love the course, 4 weeks to vegan – packing in a holiday with life changing workshops is the way to go…. Love to all, Marlene x

  2. Hello Marlene, I send you and your husband my best wishes for your new life in stunningly beautiful Galway. I commend you on your energy and enthusiasm. You’re an inspiration for us all. Hugs:-)

    • Thank u so much ur so sweet Rita, love to u and ur family xxxx

  3. Hi Marlene, I wish you a good time in Galway and good luck.
    Hope to see you in the future

    • Many thanks Sonja, you too… have a wonderful day. x

  4. Excited to change more lives Louise towards the only way forward to stop the craziness of 70 billion animals being killed for human pleasure, it is not necessary for health. Big hug and it will be a great joy for Bill and I to have you as our student in October xxxx

  5. Hi Marlene. 4 weeks to vegan sounds amazing. As its to easy to rely on processed unhealthy vegan food.good luck with it. Look forward to starting macrobiotic coach course.see you soon.

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